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sensorProbe Bundle - Monitoring Basic Protection

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  • AKCP sensorProbe2 Bundle - Monitoring and Basic Protection
AKCP sensorProbe2 Bundle - Monitoring Basic Protection (MBP) The new AKCP sensorProbe2 is a... more
Product information "sensorProbe Bundle - Monitoring Basic Protection"

AKCP sensorProbe2 Bundle - Monitoring Basic Protection (MBP)

The new AKCP sensorProbe2 is a intelligent 2 port sensor device for monitoring environmental variations, power, physical threats and security.The SP2 is a completely embedded host with a proprietary Linux like Operating System, including TCP/IP stack, Web server, email and full SNMP functionality. SMS notifications can be sent via a 3rd party email-to-SMS gateway.

The new AKCP sensorProbe2 comes with a new CPU that is 3 times higher speed compared to the earlier version of AKCP sensorProbe2A, faster network connection, new web interface similar to sensorProbe8 series of products including the subnet mask, remote syslog interface. It also includes a battery backed time of day clock. The new AKCP sensorProbe2 also has advance events filtering options. Now you can plug in our motion detector to the new AKCP sensorProbe2.

The important feature in new AKCP sensorProbe2 is, the integration with a single chip relative humidity and temperature multi sensor module comprising a calibrated digital output. The sensor includes a capacitive polymer sensing element for relative humidity and a bandgap temperature sensor. Both are seamlessly coupled to a 14bit analog to digital converter and a serial interface circuit on the same chip. This results in superior signal quality, a fast response time and insensitivity to external disturbances (EMC). By having both temperature & humidity sensors in a single sensor, the AKCP sensorProbe2 can have up to a maximum of 2 temperature & 2 humidity sensors. This extends the capability of the AKCP sensorProbe2 to maximum of 4 sensing parameters.

Sensor Integration

The AKCP sensorProbe2 works with every intelligent sensor in the AKCP family. You can connect any of our sensors in any combination to monitor temperature, humidity, water leakage, Airflow including long term graphing, security, detect AC Power Line Voltage, Measure Digital Voltmeter, control relays, and many more. Our sensors include an integrated data collection and graphing package to spot trends in the airflow, temperature, humidity.

Every sensor comes with our unique autosense feature. Whenever a new type of sensor is plugged in, the autosense will recognize it and re configure the SP2 to begin monitoring it. In the event of an alarm or temperature / humidity threshold being exceeded, it has ability to send alert notification using Email, SMS (via an email-to-SMS gateway) and SNMP Traps.

Define security monitoring to your operational requirements

If you want to monitor the temperature in your Data Center in real time, the AKCP sensorProbe2 (SP2) gives you valuable services. Would you also want to be informed immediately if your server room is accessed unauthorized, so attach the AKCP security sensor or AKCP motion detectors. Define your individual early warning system to protect your IT-infrastructures

At the request of AKCP sensorProbe2 integration into network-monitoring

The AKCP sensorProbe2 is compatible SNMP v1 and SNMP configurable. This means that you could integrate AKCP sensorProbe2 (SP2) in leading network management systems (NMS), such as NAGIOS, MRTG, HP OpenView, CA Unicenter TNG, IBM Tivoli, WhatsUp Gold and many more. Didactum® supports you in the planning and implementation of network management systems e.g. WhatsUp Gold or  NAGIOS.

Features :

  • 2 RJ-45 ports for connecting AKCP intelligent autosense sensors
  • NMS integration for leading network management systems
  • Full SNMP v1 compliant
  • SNMP utilities and SNMP MIB File included
  • Supports all major communications protocols
  • Embedded web-server allows all parameters to be easily configured
  • Supports up to 2 of AKCP intelligent autosense sensors simultaneously
  • Supports SNMP polling allowing the sensor values to be collected and graphed with host applications
  • Sends trap notifications to 2 destinations
  • Sends email notifications to 2 eMail addresses
  • Email and traps include the sensor description and the current sensor value
  • User configurable thresholds for all AKCP intelligent autosense sensors

Combined sensor temperature and humidity of AKCP

The dual sensor has both temperature and humidity measuring capabilities in a single sensor. This extends the capability of the sensorProbe to measure up to 8 temperature and 8 humidity sensing parameters, just by connecting 8 dual sensors.

Up to 2 dual sensors can be plugged into RJ-45 jacks on the sensorProbe2 and 8 sensors on the sensorProbe8. Each sensor comes with a free CAT 5 cable 5 feet in length. You can connect the sensor using your own CAT 5 cable up to 1000 feet, allowing the sensors to be positioned in hot spots.

When the dual sensor is plugged into the RJ-45 port, the sensorProbe will auto detect the sensor, and it will display Temperature & Humidity for each RJ-45 port. A built in graph option is included on all sensorProbes for graphing temperature and humidity variations over a period of time.

Each sensor has its own SNMP OID so that data can be collected over the network and graphed using external application like MRTG. The temperature sensor can be read using included SNMP utilities to allow graphing and datalogging at 0.2°C resolution. The AKCP temperature and humidity combined sensors are compatible with the sensorProbe2, sensorProbe8 and securityProbe monitoring equipment from AKCP. The connection is made by RJ-45 connectors. For a quick installation are all AKCP sensors combined.

AKCP Sensor smoke / smoke detectors

Monitoring for developing smoke is an essential aspect in the security and safety of any facility. AKCP has designed a smoke sensor specifically for use with its sensorProbe and securityProbe productline. These smoke detectors are easy to install and configure and can be used in conjunction with all other of AKCP’s alerting features.

  • Accurate, cost effective Smoke Detector
  • On/Off alarm signal of Smoke Detected
  • LED indicates the status of Smoke Detector
  • Low profile design for ceiling mounting for maximum smoke detection.
  • Sensor type - open/closed contact switch
  • Up to 2 Smoke Detector Sensors per sensorProbe2, and 8 per sensorProbe8/securityProbe
  • Includes disconnect alarm that checks that the sensor is securely plugged into the sensor/securityProbe
  • The smoke detector can also be attached to dry contacts of a X20 or X60 unit.
  • With 9V battery as backup the sensorProbe / securityProbe will still work as a smoke detector on its own


  • AKCP sensorProbe2
  • including Single Port Temperature & Humidity Sensor 1,5 m long - extendable to 300 meters.
  • including AKCP Sensor smoke / smoke detectors
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Specifications sensorProbe2


  • Size 4.5" x 2.5" x 1.25"
  • Weight : 0.3 Kg


  • 2 RJ-45 ports for connecting
  • AKCess Pro sensors
  • Up to 10 dry contact inputs


Operating Environment

  • Temperature : Min. -35° C - Max.80° C
  • Humidity : Min. 20% - Max. 80% (Non-Condensing)


Power Requirements

  • Voltage 7.5 - 9 V / >= 1.2 Amp

Network Interface

  • Standard 100MB Full Duplex Ethernet RJ-45 Port



  • Configurable output signals (0VDC/5VDC) on any of the 2
    RJ-45 sensor ports


Power Over Ethernet

  • SP2 PoE is IEEE 802.3af  compliant

Status Indictors

  • LED indication for Power
  • LED for Network Connectivity
  • LED for sensor online and threshold status



  • Manufactured using highly integrated, low power surface
    mount technology to ensure long term reliability.


Power Consumption

  • 1.125 Watt, 0.15A


Mounting Kits

  • 0u rack-mount, or wall hanging


  • 1,400,000 Hours

Specifications Sensor Temperature and Humidity 1,5m


Measurement Range Celsius : -40°C to +75°C
Measurement Resolution Celsius : 1°C
Measurement Accuracy Celsius : Maximum ±2.3 at -40ºC, minimum ±0.4 at +25ºC and ±1.7 at +75ºC
Measurement Range Fahrenheit : -40°F to +167°F
Measurement Resolution Fahrenheit : 1°F increments
Measurement Accuracy Fahrenheit : Maximum ±4.1 at -40ºF, minimum ±0.9 at +25ºC and ±4 at +167ºF


Measurement range : 0 to 100% Relative humidity
Resolution : 1%
Accuracy at : 25°C ±3%
Communications cable : UTP Cat 5 cable
Power source : Powered by the sensorProbe. No additional power needed
Power Consumption : Typical 7.25 mWatt, 1.45mA
  Sensor element wettable without damage
  sensorProbe auto detects the presence of the dual sensor
  Up to 2 dual sensors per sensorProbe2, 8 per sensorProbe8 and securityProbe
Important Note: The fixed one foot type or TMP01 and THS01 are not designed to be extended. If you need to extend these sensors then you need to use the TMP00 or THS00 (remote type).

We also do not recommend you trying to connect any of our AKCP sensors including the temperature and dual temp humidity sensors though patch panels or using the RJ-45 couplers to extend them. Please see the temperature sensors product manual or FAQ in our knowledge base for more details regarding this.

Specifications Smoke Detector

Dry Contact Output 0.045mA
Power Consumption Typical 290.00 mWatt, 58.00mA
Main Housing Diameter 100mm, height 28mm
Battery lifetime
  • Zinc Carbon battery: approx. 1 year
  • Alkaline Energizer: approx. 4 years
  • Lithium battery: approx. 10 years
  Photoelectric Detector Type
  Suitable for installation to BS 5839 pt 6 Grade F
  Powered by sensor/securityProbe unit and/or 9V Battery
  Loud piercing 85db alarm at 3m
  Full function test button
  Alarm auto-reset
  Insect resistant chamber
  Missing battery lockout
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