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Battery Temperature Sensor

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  • E_10802
  • Battery Temperature Sensor
The temperature of existing batteries and accumulators, considering the battery packs of UPS... more
Product information "Battery Temperature Sensor"

The temperature of existing batteries and accumulators, considering the battery packs of UPS systems, should be non-stop measured and controlled. As part of the temperature monitoring of existing batteries and rechargeable batteries, make sure that they are not exposed to low or too high temperatures.

This IP-capable temp sensor for measuring the internal temperature of rechargeable batteries provides important measurements within the framework of monitoring the battery condition and the existing battery cells. Since the battery terminal makes a close thermal connection to the internal plates of the battery, important measurement data on the actual internal battery temperature can be recorded. To effectively protect the battery temperature sensor from potential interference, such as ambient temperature fluctuations, this microprocessor-based temp sensor has been specially isolated by manufacturer AKCess Pro.

Typical applications of the Battery Temperature Sensor include i.a.

  • Temperature monitoring of battery, accumulator, and battery packs of UPS system
  • Temperature control of battery blocks of emergency diesel / emergency power systems
  • Measurement of the internal temperature of batteries / lithium-ion batteries connected to the charge controller
  • Detection of permanently too high internal battery temperature compared to the manufacturer's specifications 

Editor's notes:

Did you know that the optimum ambient temperature of batteries and is +20 ºC (68 ºF)? It is important to mention that at an ambient temperature of +30 ºC (86 ºF) , the calculated Battery life can be halved in the worst case. Also, a too low ambient temperature can affect the life of batteries.

Easy installation of the temp sensor at the negative terminal of the battery

The AKCP battery temperature sensor of the manufacturer AKCess Pro was developed for easy mounting on the battery terminal. Here, the battery temperature sensor is simply attached to the negative pole of the battery or accumulator. Then simply connect the RJ45 connector of the battery temp sensor to a free sensor port of the networked sensorProbe2, sensorProbe2 +, securityProbe or securityProbe + remote measuring and monitoring device.

Reliable alert at critical internal temperature of the battery

The AKCP temp sensor for measuring the internal temperature of batteries is equipped with an SNMP OID (Object Identifier), so it will be automatically detected by the IP-based remote measuring and monitoring system and displayed in the web interface. Here you can then define individual thresholds and limit values for the AKCP battery temperature sensor.

Editor's note:

For detailed technical data on the permissible internal temperature of UPS batteries or rechargeable batteries, please refer to the data sheet of the respective manufacturer. If the internal temperature of the monitored UPS battery is then undershot or exceeded, the responsible employees will receive from the sensorProbe or securityProbe monitoring device an early notification by e-mail, SMS (via GSM modem or 3rd party gateway). Optionally, the remote monitoring device can make an open alert be via the alarm siren with built-in strobe flash light. Important messages about the internal temperature of the battery can also be sent as an SNMP trap to automation software or Network-Management-Systems (Nagios, OpenNMS, Solarwinds, WhatsUp Gold, etc.). Direct temperature polling via SNMP protocol via TCP / IP network is also supported.

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Available downloads:
Suitable for: all AKCP sensorProbe2/4/8/x20/x60/DCW, sensorProbe2+, sensorProbeX+, securityProbe5E/5ES/5ESV/5ESVA/x20/x60/DCW, securityProbe+ remote monitoring systems of the manufacturer AKCess Pro
Sensor Type: Microprocessor controlled semiconductor
Temperature range: -55 °C to + 75 °C (-67  F to + 167 °F)
Measurement accuracy: +/- 0.5 °C accuracy from -10 °C to +75 °C (+/-0.9 °F accuracy from +14 °F to +167 °F)
Measurement resolution: 1 °C for the AKCP sensorProbes and 0.5 °C for the sensorProbeX+, securityProbe and securityProbe+ units.
Measurement rate: one temperature reading every second
Cable: RJ45 jack to temperature sensor using UPT Cat5 network cable
Power Source: sensor is powered by main sensor controller unit
Power Consumption: 10.70 mW (typ.)
SNMP OID battery sensor: .<port>
SNMP OID temp status: .<port>
Made in: Philippines
Delivery: AKCP battery temperature sensor for measuring the internal temperature of UPS batteries and accumulators. Suitable for all sensorProbe and securityProbe monitoring systems.
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