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  • Bundle "Temperature Monitoring for Logistics“
Bundle "Temperature Monitoring for Logistics“ In modern storage, warehouse and logistics... more
Product information "Bundle Logistics"

Bundle "Temperature Monitoring for Logistics“

In modern storage, warehouse and logistics infrastructure, the temperature must be recorded and controlled. Many customers demand complete proof of temperature in the transport and storage of their goods. Not only the temperature of food (fruit, meat, fish, milk, vegetables) must be measured and controlled. The supplier industry must also provide their customers evidence and reports on temperature recording. By introducing a temperature recording and control solution it can be ensured that the transported and stored goods were exposed to a continual temperature. The manufacturer Didactum offers the bundle "Temperature Monitoring for Logistics"  for the permanent recording and control of the temperature.

This set "Temperature Monitoring for Logistics" consists of

  • 1* IP-based remote measuring and control system 100 including 1-wire module
  • 1* Mounting bracket for installation of monitoring device in a 19“ (wall) cabinet
  • 10* 1-wire temperature sensors with measuring range from -40 ° to + 100 ° Celsius

Easy installation of the IP-based temperature control system

This IP network based remote measurement and control system is set up via your web browser. A built-in multilingual setup assistant guides the user through all important settings such as network address, subnet, etc. If you have an SNMP capable measurement data tool (MRTG, Munin, RRDtool, Cacti, etc.) and / or a building or Network-Management-System (NMS), you just have to define SNMP protocol and the SNMP community. The IP-based measurement and control system 100 works stand-alone. No additional software has to be installed on a PC or server to operate this remote measurement & monitoring device.

Up to 20 temperature measuring points

Each of the 10-piece 1-wire temperature sensors is delivered with a 2 meter patch cable and mounting material (screw / double-sided mounting tape). The  1-wire sensors are connected serially. If you need longer sensor cables, you can use inexpensive RJ-9 patch cable. After installing the IP-capable temp sensors in the warehouse / logistics infrastructure, the cable is connected to the 1-Wire board of the SNMP enabled Didactum Monitoring System 100 . With the support of the automatic detection function, all 1-wire temp sensors are recognized by the remote measuring and control system and displayed in the multilingual web interface.

Please note:

The total length of the 1-wire sensor chain must not exceed 100 meters. Each chain may consist of a maximum of 20 pieces of 1-wire sensors. If there are significant / strong electromagnetic interference sources in the storage / logistics infrastructure, please refer to the analog temperature sensors. These temperature sensors are suitable for server room, data centers and power supply infrastructures (e.g., transformer stations) with significant EMC sources of interference.

Ethernet-based temperature recording with MS-Excel support

The measured data of the IP capable temp sensors are stored in the built-in data logger. If the temp recordings have to be stored in the IP data logger for several months, you simply add a standard USB memory stick to expand it`s data storage capacity. The temperature recording can be downloaded directly from the networked remote measuring device. Log in remotely with your web browser and simply download the collected temperature data as an XML or CSV file. Then you can import the recorded temperature data with Microsoft Excel and create individual checklists, reports and proofs concerning temperature monitoring. Syslog functions are also supported by this tried and tested remote temperature data logger.

Temperature always in view: Graphical representation of temp recordings

Log into your IP networked remote temperature measuring & control system from Didactum via your smartphone, tablet, notebook or PC. Check the current temperature in the warehouse / depot / logistics center directly in your web browser.
Determine whether the constant storage temperature is maintained. For this purpose, you can let simply display the temperature profile of individual or all temperature sensors graphically.

Data transmission of temperature recordings via TCP / IP network

This IP-based remote measurement and control unit supports the SNMP protocols v1, v2c and v3 (encrypted). An integration of temperature monitoring in SNMP compatible measuring data tools or monitoring systems is supported SNMP MIB Files and plugins for Nagios are included with your IP-driven remote monitoring unit. Via SNMP traps, the real time measured temperature values can be transmitted worldwide via LAN / WAN. Each 1-Wire sensor is equipped with an SNMP OID, so the temperature values can queried via SNMP polling.

Editor's tip:

Tobi Oetiker's free CACTI tool gives you an excellent solution for visualizing measurement data.

I / O contacts over IP network

The 100 IP remote environmental & security monitoring device is equipped with 4 inputs for dry contacts / floating contacts. Here, cooling, ventilation and air-conditioning systems can be monitored via TCP / IP network. The dry contact inputs are configured easily via the multilingual web interface. Status messages of the cooling or air-conditioning system are forwarded in the form of e-mail, SMS* messages and / or SNMP. The two 12V signal outputs can control sirens and / or signal transmitters.

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Delivery of this Package: Didactum Monitoring System 100 ; EU-execution; external 230V AC power supply.
Rackmount Kit Including
1-Wire Temperature Sensor 10 pieces including
1-Wire-Modul Including
Didactum Monitoring System 100
IP monitoring: via web, SNMP, manually via SMS (order GSM modem separately)
Control: Administrative 3-level control of sensors and output contacts with login
Firmware: Free firmware updates within Didactum Lifetime Support
Interface: HTML-5 WebGUI. Multi-Lingual. Configuration via internet browser (Internet Explorer is NOT supported).
LAN: Ethernet 10 / 100Mbit
CPU: ARM CPU with 300 MHz, fanless
Virtual: Sensors Yes
Network protocol: DHCP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, SNMP, SNMP, SMTP, SSL, CAN, FTP, Syslog, Radius, TLS
Alarm types: FTP, Syslog, SMTP, SNMP, SMS (GSM modem order separately), 2 output contacts
Dry contacts: 4x dry contact ports for digital / potential-free contacts
Sensor Ports: 4x RJ11 Auto Sensing Sensor Ports
Alarm output: 2x 12VDC relay
LEDs: built-in LED lights for status display
Clock: integrated clock with NTP time synchronization
USB: 1x 2.0 HS Mini USB for optional USB video camera or USB memory stick
Recording power approx. 8 watts
Power supply: External EU power supply 12V, 500mA
Dimensions: 14 x 3.5 x 8 cm (without rack mount kit)
Permissible operating environment: -10 to + 80 ° Celsius with rel. Humidity from 5 to 80% (non-condensing).
Net weight 0.5 kg
1-Wire Sensor Temperature
suitable for all Didactum remote monitoring units equipped with a RJ-9 / 1-wire port
Connection via 1-wire / RJ9 port (1-wire module may be required)
temperature range: -10 ° C to max. + 85 ° C (14° to 185° F) at 5% to max. 95% RH (non-condensing)
Accuracy: +/- 0.5 ° Celsius
integrated SNMP OID for SNMP polling
Up to 20 of these 1-Wire temp sensors can be connected in series
Maximum cable length 1-wire sensor to remote monitoring device approx. 100 meters (328 ft.)
1-Wire temp sensor is powered by Didactum monitoring unit
Made in EU
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