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Monitoring System 100 IT Basic Protection

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1-Wire Module:

  • E_14070
  • Bundle climate monitoring consisting of Monitoring System 100, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, water sensor and smoke sensor
Monitoring System 100 III – networked monitoring system for wiring closets and server... more
Product information "Monitoring System 100 IT Basic Protection"

Monitoring System 100 III – networked monitoring system for wiring closets and server room environments

The advanced Monitoring System 100 II is the entry level model of the high-end surveillance systems. This monitoring appliance is designed and manufactured within the EU. The engineering and support of the Didactum SNMP-enabled monitoring devices are located in Germany.

Important features of this Didactum IP-based surveillance system are:

  • Completely automated and imbedded operation, no software installation required
  • Multilingual  Web Interface (English / French / German / Italian / Korean / Polish / Russian / Spanish / Turkish)
  • Fully SNMP v1 / v2c / v3 compatible for integration into NMS and SNMP monitoring tools. SNMP MIB Files and Nagios plugins included.
  • 4x auto-sensing ports for up to 4 IP-enabled Didactum sensors
  • 1x CAN Bus port (Controller Area Network) for additional  CAN-Units and digital CAN-Sensors
  • 4x inputs for remote dry contact monitoring
  • 2x 12V 0.25A relay outputs for sirens or for building control
  • 1x internal Quad-band GRPS- / GSM-Modem (ordered separately) for SMS-Alerts
  • 1x 1-Wire extension unit for Access Control (ordered separately)
  • Comprehensive notification and alarm functions such as E-mail, SMS (GSM modem required) and / or SNMP traps
  • Includes 1x IP temperature sensor

Compact Monitoring System for sensitive wiring closets and server rooms

The network-based Monitoring System 100 III is very versatile. Thanks to the extensive range of the analog sensors, you can equip this LAN-based monitoring device with individual sensors. Each analog sensor is equipped with its own OID (Object Identifier). The 3rd generation of Monitoring Systems 100 is equipped with CAN Bus port. CAN (Controller Area Network) is an industrial bus standard.

Here you can attach the optional Sensor Expansion Unit or addtional CAN sensors. Up to 32 sensors can be controlled in realtime by a single Monitoring System 100 III. The total length of CAN bus can be up to 225 meters (738 ft). All of the Monitoring System 100 III connected sensors can directly queried (polled) using SNMP commands via TCP/IP network or Internet.

We provides real-time monitoring of key environmental and safety factors, including critical sensors:

  • Temperature sensors for precise measurement and control of room temperature
  • Humidity sensors for measuring and monitoring the humidity of the ambient air (static)
  • Combined temperature and humidity sensors using only one port of your monitoring unit
  • Smoke detectors for the reliable detection of a smoldering fire and flames
  • Water Sensors for precise alerts when water damage is immanent
  • Water leakage cables in individual lengths of up to 50 meters for monitoring double floors, walls, ceilings or (water) pipes.
  • Door contact sensors for monitoring doors of switching, network or server cabinets
  • Siren sensors with built-in strobe light for the audio visual alarms
  • AC- and DC- voltage sensors and transducers for network-based monitoring of power
  • PIR motion detectors for remote security monitoring of mission critical (IT-) infrastructure
  • Combined smoke, humidity and temp sensors and many more…

Important Note:

In order to ensure trouble-free operation of the measurement sensors in a server room and in industrial environments, the engineers decided consciously to use only wired sensors! This decision was based on testing of EMI and other factors that wireless sensors are effected by and could be unreliable. The network-enabled temperature sensor is already included so that you can create a network or Web-Thermometer. Simply connect the temperature sensor with the included patch cable. Then connect the sensor cable to one of the 4 sensor connections of the monitoring system. The temperature sensor is then autosensed immediately and detected by the monitoring system and listed in the German Web GUI. The temperature sensor can be extended up to 100 meters from the base unit so that a measurement and monitoring of important environmental factors such as temperature in other rooms is possible. The wiring of the sensors is carried out with inexpensive RJ-11 patch cable.

Integrated data logger with XML- and CSV export functions

The temperature and humidity values are measured by the sensors in real time and saved in the data logger of IP-based remote measurement system. You can view the measurements within the HTML5 web interface where the diagrams can be displayed and evaluated directly. These temperature measurements that are monitored within the critical areas and equipment determines whether the required room temperature has been complied to during the framework of detection, controls and audits. This allows the temperature sensor data stored on the unit can be easily exported in CSV format or XML for further processing with MS Excel. The recorded measured values in real-time can also be used for data visualization, for example the RRD tool Cacti or it can easily be transferred.

Comprehensive notification and alarm functions of the monitoring system

The Monitoring System 100 II is designed for 24/7/365 monitoring of mission-critical facilities and equipment. During the design process the existence of fans or portable hard drives was deliberately omitted. Not sacrificing users on extensive types of notifications and alerts! Thus, critical events, such as too high a temperature, system via email, SMS are reported (via optional Quad-Band GSM Modem) or SNMP Trap from monitoring. In the multlilingual WebGUI of IP-based remote monitoring system, logic operations and individual alarm schedules can be easily defined.

Practical example:

The air conditioning in server room fails. The temperature sensor detects a critical increase of temperature to 30 ° Celsius. There upon the Monitoring System 100 III sends multiple email notifications to responsible admins and IT decision makers. The responsible building engineer is alerted via SMS from the monitoring unit, including an indication of the critical reading and alert (GSM modem required). The Nagios Management System (NMS)  that is installed in the headquarters is informed by the remote monitoring device via SNMP traps. At the same time the siren / strobe light alarm on system is triggered. In addition the building control gets an alert via the relay circuit.

The logic contained in IT Monitoring System permits a practical illustration of contingency plans. All events and state changes are recorded in the syslog of the remote monitoring unit. Per FTP upload the Syslog can automatically be sent to the headquarters and further evaluated.

Remote Dry Contact Monitoring over TCP/IP-based network

Many devices and systems in homes and commercial buildings are equipped with relays or alarm contacts. For example, via the two-wire technology signal these can be heating systems, air conditioning systems, ventilation systems, fire alarm systems, UPS systems, emergency power systems, emergency generators or reed contacts including important status and maintenance messages. Up to 4 of these dry contacts can be attached to the Monitoring System 100 III.

Optional video monitoring of servers and equipment space

Using the All-in-One Monitoring System 100 III this unit can also take pictures via a USB video camera. The videos can be forwarded by eMail or SMS (via optional GSM Modem) to security personnel. Increase the security of your technology or server space by introducing a low-cost video surveillance system.

Didactum temperature sensor - Temperature monitoring of sensitive infrastructures

Measure and monitor this important environmental factor in your temperature sensitive infrastructure. Make sure that a sudden temperature does not affect your mission critical infrastructure. A permanent temperature recording is important in the context of compliance. It is also suitable for audits.

Typical applications of the Didactum temperature sensor:

  • Temperature monitoring of mission-crtitical infrastructure
  • Long-term measurement of the temperature in warehouses, depots and archives
  • Temperature monitoring of enclosures and server cabinets

Easy installation

The temperature sensor is easily connected via RJ11 patchcable to the Didactum monitoring system and automatically displayed on it`s WEB GUI. As part of the temperature monitoring, you can easily query this sensor via Network or Internet.

The temp sensor can be located up to 100 meters from the Didactum monitoring devices by using your own RJ-11 cable. Each sensor can be configured in the web interface of the Didactum monitoring system individually. Specify the individual limit and warning values of each sensor! Get reliably informed by e-mail or SNMP traps.

Humidity Sensor

The environmental factor humidity (RH) plays a significant role in many mission-critical infra- structures in today’s world where these systems are highly sensitive and can be very vulnerable to failure due to sudden changes in their installed environments.

For example low humidity levels can cause static charges which can be disastrous for computing equipment in server rooms and data centers, possibly causing catastrophic failures.

Another example would be the presence of excessive humidity which can cause the formation of condensation. These often unnoticed or unseen microscopic water particles can be present on your server’s mainboards and most likely would dead to short circuits or other severe damage to your critical equipment. Therefore, it is highly useful to measure relative humidity consistently and permanently within your sensitive areas and to be alerted immediately if your humidity levels are in danger of causing irreversible damage to your critical infrastructures.

The installation of humidity sensors also enables the monitoring and control of your installed ventilation and air conditioning systems. The Didactum humidity sensor can ensure that your important HVAC equipment is functioning properly and is providing the proper humidity levels.

Typical applications for the Didactum humidity sensor (RH):

  • Measurement of humidity in Technical and Computing Rooms, IT-Infrastructure
  • Humidity measurement in production areas
  • Long-term measurement of the relative humidity in warehouses, depots and archives
  • Monitoring of air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Automation Technology
  • House and building automation systems
  • Prevention of mold formation (black mold, etc.)

Easy installation of Didactum humidity sensor:

The installation of Didactum`s relative humidity sensor is simple. You just have to connect the included patch cable from the humidity sensor to the network enabled Didactum monitoring device. On request you can extend this humidity sensor up to 50 meters from the Didactum monitoring unit. Per the Auto-Sense function of this sensor it is automatically detected and displayed in Didactum`s easy-to-use multilingual web GUI. Didactum`s humidity sensor is supplied with 2 meters patch cable and mounting hardware (screws / mounting tape).

Didactum leakage sensor - reliable detection of water and condensation

This Didactum leak sensor has been developed for the reliable detection of water and moisture. This water leak sensor is compatible with all Didactum SNMPv1/v2c/v3 enabled remote monitoring devices. Simply connect this leakage sensor via the patch cable included to one of the 8 sensor ports of your Didactum monitoring system.

With the unit’s built auto-sense feature your water leakage sensor is immediately detected and displayed in the multilingual web interface of your Didactum monitoring device. From the user friendly web GUI you can now set the desired type of alert you require for example email alerts, SMS alerts (GSM Modem needed), alerts via SNMP traps to your building or system monitoring software

Typical applications of this water detection sensor:

  • Detection of water leakage from heating and/or air conditioning systems
  • Detection of water leakage from fire / sprinkler systems
  • Alerts in case of defective water-cooled server cabinets
  • Alerts in case of ruptured battery’s caused by defective UPS systems

Quick and easy installation of Didactum`s water leakage sensor

The leak sensor is supplied complete with screws and mounting tape. A two meter patch cable is also included. You can also extend this water detection sensor if required with your own patch cable up to 100 meters from the Didactum remote monitoring system.

Smoke Detector

Didactum smoke detector - early detection of fire and smoke. The Didactum smoke sensor was developed specifically for the early detection of fire and smoke. The sensor is also compatible with all SNMP enabled Didactum monitoring systems and PDU`s.

Typical applications of Didactum`s Smoke Detector:

  • Early warning in case of fire
  • Detection of slow burning / smoldering fire
  • Fire detection in unmanned, remote infrastructures
  • Early detection of ire in enclosures and cabinets

Easy installation of Didactum`s smoke detector

For the early detection of smoke and fire this smoke sensor should be installed on the ceiling of your infrastructures being monitored. You can also easily install this smoke detection sensor in server your cabinets and enclosures. No additional battery is required due to this sensor being powered by the Didactum monitoring base unit.

Simply connect this smoke detector to any one of the analog sensor ports of your Didactum Monitoring System using the patch cable that is included.

Didactum`s built-in auto-sensing feature allows the smoke detector to be automatically listed in the web interface of your base unit. You can then easily set your notifications and alerts in case of fire or smoke. Detector detects smoke indoors. Operating temperature: 0… +70°С. Chain connection is possible. Max. distance of the first sensor from the unit is 150 meters.

A (smoldering) fire in your server room or data center environment can lead to fatal consequences. By installing suitable smoke detectors catastrophic events can be avoided by being reliably detected and alerted to them at an early stage.)

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Delivery of this Package: Didactum Monitoring System 100; EU-execution; external 230V AC power supply.
Didactum Sensor Temperature: Didactum Sensor Temperature, 4-wired patch cable RJ11 (2m), 4.8×16mm screw, double sided sticker.
Humidity Sensor Included
Water Sensor Included
Smoke Detector Included
1-Wire-Modul Optional
Didactum Monitoring System 100
IP monitoring: via web, SNMP, manually via SMS (order GSM modem separately)
Control: Administrative 3-level control of sensors and output contacts with login
Firmware: Free firmware updates within Didactum Lifetime Support
Interface: HTML-5 WebGUI. Multi-Lingual. Configuration via internet browser (Internet Explorer is NOT supported).
LAN: Ethernet 10 / 100Mbit
CPU: ARM CPU with 300 MHz, fanless
Virtual Sensors: Yes
Network protocol: DHCP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, SNMP, SNMP, SMTP, SSL, CAN, FTP, Syslog, Radius, TLS
Alarm types: FTP, Syslog, SMTP, SNMP, SMS (GSM modem order separately), 2 output contacts
Dry contacts: 4x dry contact ports for digital / potential-free contacts
Sensor Ports: 4x RJ11 Auto Sensing Sensor Ports
Alarm output: 2x 12VDC relay
LEDs: built-in LED lights for status display
Clock: integrated clock with NTP time synchronization
USB: 1x 2.0 HS Mini USB for optional USB video camera or USB memory stick
Recording power approx. 8 watts
Power supply: External EU power supply 12V, 500mA
Dimensions: 14 x 3.5 x 8 cm (without rack mount kit)
Permissible operating environment: -10 to + 80 ° Celsius with rel. Humidity from 5 to 80% (non-condensing).
Net weight 0.5 kg
Didactum Sensor Temperature

Technical specifications

Operating temperature -40… +100°С
Accuracy 1°С
Maximum distance 100 meters
Customs code 9025 11 800 0
Installation On the bottom there is a ledge with Ø4.5mm and height 1mm and a mounting hole in 50mm from it for fastening the sensor using 4.8×16 mm screw.
Connection Temperature sensor contains RJ-12 jack and is connected to an analog input of a system unit. Determination of type of sensor and connection occur automatically.
Net weight 60g
Dimensions (LHW) 60×18×18mm
Humidity Sensor  
Measured humidity range 0-100% RH
Accuracy 5%RH
Operation temperature range -40 .. +100°С
Maximum distance 50 meters
Customs code 9025 80 400 0
Installation On the bottom there is a ledge with Ø4.5mm and height 1mm and a mounting hole in 50mm from it for fastening the sensor using 4.8×16 mm screw.
Connection Humidity sensor contains RJ-12 jack and is connected to an analog input of any system unit. Determination of type of sensor and connection occur automatically.
Supply includes Sensor, 4-wired patch cable RJ11 (2m), 4.8×16mm screw, double sided sticker.
Net weight 60g
Dimensions (LHW) 60×18×18mm
Water Sensor  
Temperature range -10… +90°С
Response time 1 sec
Recovery time 1 sec
Maximum distance 100 meters
Installation On the bottom there is a ledge with Ø 4.5 mm and height 1 mm; and a mounting hole in 50 mm from it for fastening sensor by screw 4.8×16mm. There are two metal cores on the side of device.
Connection Connector RJ12 is connected to an analog input of any system unit. Determination of sensor's type and connection occur automatically.
Supply includes Sensor, 4-wired cable RJ-12 (2m), bracket, 2 screws and 2 nuts M5, screw 4.8×16mm, double sided sticker.
Net weight 120g
Dimensions (LHW) 60×18×18mm
Smoke Detector  
Maximum distance 150 meters
Sensitivity 0,05 — 0,2 db/m
Installation On the bottom there are mounting holes for fastening smoke sensor to the surface by 4.8×20mm screws or/and bracket and M4 screws.
Connection Detector's jack RJ-12 is connected to an analog input of any system unit using patch-cable RJ-12. Determination of the sensor's type and connection occur automatically. The monitoring system allows to connect several smoke detectors into a linear circuit. For this purpose each detector has two jacks RJ-12: input and output. The first is connected to an analog input of the system unit using a patch-cable RJ-12, the consequent is connected via patch-cable RJ-12 to an output of the first detector and so on. as one sensor with one address.
Supply includes Detector, 4-wired cable RJ11 (2m), 2 screws and 2 nuts M4, 2 screws 4.8×20mm, bracket, double sided sticker.
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