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Monitoring System 50 Bundle Alarm

Monitoring System 50 Bundle Alarm
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1-Wire Module:

  • E_14116
  • Monitoring System 50 Bundle Alarm
The new Monitoring System 50 from the manufacturer Didactum is a networked IP thermometer and... more
Product information "Monitoring System 50 Bundle Alarm"

The new Monitoring System 50 from the manufacturer Didactum is a networked IP thermometer and serves the round-the-clock measurement and remote monitoring of the important environmental factor temperature. Wherever critical temperatures can lead to (operational) disturbances and considerable costs, e.g. In production, storage, logistics, engineering or server room infrastructure, this network-enabled measurement and monitoring unit is used. It is important to note that this IP-based remote monitoring appliance is a stand-alone temperature monitoring device. No additional software has to be installed on computer or on server to operate this networked remote measuring and monitoring system. An onboard temperature sensor is also available for self-protection. If this environmental monitoring system is exposed to critical temperatures beyond the 80 degree Celsius mark, you will be timely warned.

By using a web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) you can access the built-in web server of the IP-based IP Thermometer. The integrated Setup Wizard supports you for the quick setup and configuration of this network based remote temperature monitoring device. The included temperature sensor is automatically detected by the monitoring system 50 by means of auto-identification. The temp sensor is IP capable and can measure temperatures ranging from minus 40 degrees to plus 100 degrees Celsius (-40°F to 212°F). If desired, this temperature sensor can be detached by cheap RJ11 patch cable up to 100 meters (328 ft) away from the Web thermometer.

The temperature recording is started automatically. The temperature values ​​are stored in the built-in data logger of Didactum`s IP thermometer. Directly in the multilingual web interface the recorded temperature values are displayed ​​graphically. Determine whether the required room temperature has been maintained. The temperature recording ​​can be loaded directly from the data logger of the LAN-based network thermometer via an XML or CSV file. The ideal solution for Audits and purpose of verification in terms of temperature monitoring.

E-mail and SMS alerts in case of critical temperature

The remote temperature monitoring device is more than just an Ethernet-based temperature recording unit. This IP-based remote environmental monitoring device can you and your colleagues at an early stage via e-Mail (up to 6 recipients) or SMS (via 3rd party gateway). On request, a siren with built-in flash can be switched on if the temperature is too high. In the case of faults or failure of important heating, ventilation and cooling systems, you will be reliably informed. In the multilingual web interface, you just have to enter the desired temperature monitoring limits and the required actions.

The Web enabled Didactum Monitoring System 50 can send a temperature alarm by e-mail to the operator or to the technicians. Thanks to STARTTLS support, this IP Thermometer supports encrypted e-mail accounts. All events are recorded in the integrated SYSLOG database of the Online thermometer, including time and date. The SYSLOG  can even be sent directly to the control center at intervals for evaluation with common applications.

2nd port to connect a further networked sensor

The networked remote measuring and alarm system 50 provides the user with a second RJ11 sensor port. Here you can attach an additional SNMP enabled intelligent sensor. Simply connect another temp sensor or a humidity sensor or smoke detector. On request the smoke detectors can even be connected in series. Provide additional rooms such as offices or storage rooms with a network enabled smoke detector. The comprehensive range of sensors from manufacturer Didactum also offers leakage sensors and water detection cables for the early reporting of water ingress / water damage.

Remote Monitoring of Relays and Dry Contacts via Ethernet Network

In addition to the 2 sensor ports, the innovative Monitoring System 50 offers 2 inputs for the network connection of dry contacts and relays. Within the context of Dry Contact Monitoring, air conditioning systems, fire alarm systems, UPS systems and magnetic contacts can be integrated into the IP-based network monitoring unit via two-wire cables. You will be notified immediately by e-mail, SMS (via 3rd party gateway) or SNMP traps if your air conditioning system is interrupted.

Alert by siren or alarm forwarding to building monitoring systems

The IP Thermometer offers two built-in 12V outputs. Siren can be connected via these outputs, or messages can be sent to the building surveillance. Connect the optionally available alarm siren including stroboscope flash light (item No. 14051) to the SNMP thermometer. Access the web interface via web browser and define the temperature limits and thresholds.

Integration of Temperature Monitoring in Network Management Systems, e.g. Nagios

The IP thermometer supports the widely used SNMP protocol (Simple Network Management Protocol). In addition to full SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c support, the IP based Web Thermometer also supports the encrypted SNMPv3 protocol. Needed MIB files to integrate this temperature monitoring device into SNMP tools (including MRTG, RRDtool, Cacti) and Network Management Systems (CA Spectrum, HP SIM, IBM Tivoli, Nagios, PRTG, WhatsUp Gold, Zabbix and many more) are included. Also Nagios plugins included with your Monitoring System 50. If the temperature is too high or too low, this network thermometer can send so-called SNMP traps. Since the temperature sensor from manufacturer Didactum is equipped with an SNMP OID, the measured temperature can also be queried via IP network or Internet via SNMPget command.

Prepared for video surveillance

You can connect on the USB 2.0 port a low-cost USB camera and send videos via e-mail or via SMS (via 3rd party gateway) in case of critical event (unauthorized access / unauthorized opening of  doors or cabinets, etc.). The WebGUI provides a live view of the current state of the warehouse / server room.

Optional 1-Wire Port for Access Control

An Ethernet based Access Control of important rooms has advantages. Thus a conventional key can be lost or imitated. This IP Thermometer can be equipped with an optional 1-Wire module. A RFID card reader or an electronic key reader can then be connected using this optional 1-Wire module. The built-in logic of this web thermometer supports a wide range of actuator and notification functions.

Features of the Monitoring System 50

  • Multilingual Web Interface, Linux based OS
  • Protcols: DHCP, HTTP(S), SNMP, SNMPget, SMTP, SSL, FTP, PING, SYSLOG, TLS, Radius
  • Supports the wide range of Didactum`s networked analog sensors
  • Onboard temperature sensor for self-monitoring
  • Setup Wizard for fast configuration
  • Built-in NTP time syncronization
  • Integrated logics for configurable alerts and notifications
  • Notifications: E-Mail, SMS (via 3rd party gateway), SNMP Trap, SNMP Get, Syslog, Event Log
  • Integrated data logger with sensor graphing and CSV-/ XML- export functions
  • Integrated sensor mapping
  • 1 x 10/100 Mbit Ethernet port
  • 2 x RJ11 auto-detection ports for Didactum`s wide range of analog IP sensors
  • 2 x inputs for network integration of dry contacts
  • 2 x relay outputs (12V 0.25A)
  • 1 x 1-Wire board (optional feature)
  • Full SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 support
  • SNMP MIB files and Nagios plugins included
  • 1 x temperature sensor included
  • Engineered in Germany, made in E.U.
  • Free microcode firmware updates
  • Lifetime support

Temperature sensor - Temperature monitoring of sensitive infrastructures

Measure and monitor this important environmental factor in your temperature sensitive infrastructure. Make sure that a sudden temperature does not affect your mission critical infrastructure. A permanent temperature recording is important in the context of compliance. It is also suitable for audits.

Typical applications of the Didactum temperature sensor:

  • Temperature monitoring of mission-crtitical infrastructure
  • Long-term measurement of the temperature in warehouses, depots and archives
  • Temperature monitoring of enclosures and server cabinets

Easy installation

The temperature sensor is easily connected via RJ11 patchcable to the Didactum monitoring system and automatically displayed on it`s WEB GUI. As part of the temperature monitoring, you can easily query this sensor via Network or Internet.

The temp sensor can be located up to 100 meters from the Didactum monitoring devices by using your own RJ-11 cable. Each sensor can be configured in the web interface of the Didactum monitoring system individually. Specify the individual limit and warning values of each sensor! Get reliably informed by e-mail or SNMP traps.

Alarm Siren With Stroboscope

Use the Didactum siren for issuing warnings and alerts for critical events. This sensor will reliably alert your staff and security personnel of critical conditions. Didactum`s siren offers a combined audio and visual alarm for the reliable notification in noisy production areas or data centers.

Typical uses of Didactum`s alarm siren with the integrated strobe flash light are:

  • Warnings by the siren and strobe light of critical events such as fires or leakages
  • Alerts of critical environmental conditions (temperature / humidity / air circulation)
  • Warning signals due to the failure of critical production equipment and machinery
  • Alarms due to unauthorized access to restricted areas or intruders
  • Alarm forwarding from dry contacts and relays

Characteristics of Didactum’s siren with built-in strobe light

A powerful siren with the loudness of 107 dB and a brightly lit strobe light unit are integrated in Didactum`s siren and strobe. The strobe flashes its alerting light up to 140 times per minute. This sensor is simply connected to the 1-Wire port on the Didactum Monitoring Systems Series 500/500-DC / 600. The sensor is powered via the Didactum monitoring system. No additional power source is needed.

Convenient configuration in the web front end of the Didactum IP Monitoring Systems

Within the multi-lingual web GUI of the SNMP enabled Didactum remote monitoring system you can easily configure the siren with the integrated strobe light. You can define which states and actions should be signaled via Didactum`s alarm siren and strobe. You can also define in case of a fire the siren alerts also include the strobe light to be switched on. In the Web interface you can define individual and even multi-level settings for the Didactum sensors including CAN-Bus devices. Dry contacts* connected to Didactum`s SNMP enabled monitoring device can also be triggered by an alarm via the siren (* optional feature).


Connector for 12V Relay output of Didactum Monitoring Systems 100/500/500DC. Optional RJ-9 connection to 1-Wire port of the Didactum Monitoring Systems 100 / 50 / 500.

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Delivery: Didactum Monitoring System 50, 1* Power supply 12V 1A, 1* RH-45 Patch cable, Terminal plugs, USB cable, Rubber foots, Quick Install Manual, Warranty Registration Form
Temperature Sensor YES
Siren YES
1-Wire-Modul OPTIONAL
Monitoring System 50
CPU: ARM CPU, fanless
OS: Linux based OS
Connection: 10/100 Mbit Ethernet port
Clock: Built-in NTP time synchronization, watchdog timer functions
SNMP Protocols: SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, SNMPv3 (encrypted)
Onboard Sensor: Yes. Built-In temp sensor for self monitoring
Sensor Ports; 2* auto-detection RJ11 sensor ports for wide range of Didactum`s analog sensors
Inputs: 2* inputs for dry contacts / relays
Outputs: 2* 12VDC 0.25A outputs
USB Port: 1* HS USB port for optional USB camera or USB Flash Drive 
1-Wire Port: optional / must be ordered seperately
Operating temperature: -10° to 85° Celsius
Operating humidity: 0 to 90% humidity (RH), non-condensing
Power Requirement: 12VDC, 1A (external power supply included)
Power Consumption: 3 to 10 Watt, 0.12A
Status indicators: LED for network, Power, Error and Relays
Dimensions: 139 (w) x 33 (h) x 79 (d) mm (without rack mount kit)
Weight: 0,45 kg
Country of Origin: Manufactured within the EU
Engineering: Engineered in Germany
Temperature Sensor  
Operating temperature -40… +100°С
Accuracy +/- 0,4° C
Maximum distance 100 meters
Customs code 9025 11 800 0
Installation On the bottom there is a ledge with Ø4.5mm and height 1mm and a mounting hole in 50mm from it for fastening the sensor using 4.8×16 mm screw.
Connection Temperature sensor contains RJ-12 jack and is connected to an analog input of a system unit. Determination of type of sensor and connection occur automatically.
Supply includes Sensor, 4-wired patch cable RJ11 (2m), 4.8×16mm screw, double sided sticker.
Net weight 60g
Dimensions (LHW) 60×18×18mm
Siren with 5 m cable  
Volume of the internal siren: 107 decibels
Tone frequency of the siren: 3.8 KHz
Frequency of the built-in LED strobe lights: 140 per minute
Connection cable: 5 meters including RJ-9 connector (optionally extendable)
Connection: RJ-9 connector to 1-Wire port of the Didactum monitoring system
Current consumption in alarm state: 12V at 250mA (powered via Didactum main unit)
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