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1-Wire Thermocouple Converter

1-Wire Thermocouple Converter
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  • 1-Wire Thermocouple Converter
The web-based remote measuring and monitoring device from Didactum can be equipped with a 1-wire... more
Product information "1-Wire Thermocouple Converter"

The web-based remote measuring and monitoring device from Didactum can be equipped with a 1-wire thermocouple converter (1-wire module required). You can connect a thermocouple / thermocouple sensor of type K to this converter sensor. The temperature values measured by the K thermocouple sensor are monitored by the Didactum Monitoring System around the clock by using this 1Wire transducer.

Easy installation

Connect your type K thermocouple to this SNMP capable 1-Wire converter sensor. Then connect the supplied patch cable of the converter with the 1-Wire connection of your web enabled remote measuring and monitoring device. By innovative auto-identification feature, the remote monitoring unit automatically detects the 1-wire thermocouple converter. If you would like to measure several thermocouples with this IP based measurement and monitoring system, then the Didactum 1-Wire splitter is the ideal choice. Here you can connect up to 4 pieces 1-wire thermocouple converter sensors.

IP data logger functions

In the multilingual web interface you can configure the 1-Wire converter individually and define the desired conversion formulas. The real-time temperature recording of the K thermocouple is stored in the built-in datalogger of the web based remote measuring and monitoring system. You can graphically display the temperature data of the thermocouple in the web interface. With a simple mouse click, the temperature recording is exported from the IP-based datalogger. For example, the thermocouple measurement data exported in CSV or XML format can be further edited using Microsoft Excel. Create powerful trend analyzes, checklists or reports.

Editor's note:

The data logger of our IP-capable measurement and monitoring systems can be expanded by simply adding a USB stick up to 64 gigabytes in size. The 400/500 II (DC) / 700 series monitors provide an SD card slot for expanding the data logger.

Notifications and alert functions for K-type thermocouple

All TCP / IP based measurement and monitoring devices provide extensive notification and alarm reporting capabilities. Define individual temperature thresholds and warning values for the thermocouple in the easy to use web interface. If the required setpoint temperature is exceeded, you will be notified by the measuring and monitoring system via SNMP trap (s), e-mail or SMS (via LTE / GSM modem or e-mail to SMS Gateway). The content of the e-mail or SMS text message can be customized by integrated macro functions. Optionally, you can be alarmed acoustically as well as visually at critical temperature by the alarm siren with flashlight. A representation of the temperature readings in the form of an RSS Feeds / Web Feeds is also supported by your proven monitoring unit.

Measurement data transmission via TCP / IP network or Web

All networked IP-capable measuring and monitoring systems from Didactum support the SNMP protocol (Simple Network Management Protocol). The SNMP OID equipped 1-wire thermocouple converter can be queried via SNMP command over the TCP / IP network or web. Transfer real-time measured values to SNMP-compatible measurement data tools, automation or SCADA software. The required SNMP MIB file is loaded directly from the web interface of the IP measuring and control device.

Editor's note:

The measured data collected by the measuring and monitoring system in real time can also be transferred to the open source Cacti tool. Cacti is a very powerful, free software for graphical representation / visualisation of measured data. Also interesting web applications can be easiy created with Cacti.

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Suitable for: all Ethernet enabled measuring and monitoring devices from Didactum with 1-wire module
Mounting type: surface mounting (mounting material such as screw and mounting kit included)
Connection: Connection via RJ11 / RJ12 patch cable to the 1-wire module (optional feature)
Connection thermocouple: 2 pin plug
Supported thermocouple: thermocouple / thermocouple sensor type K (not included)
Auto identification: Yes. 1-Wire transducer is automatically detected by the monitoring unit and can be configured in the WebGUI.
Disconnect Alarm: Yes. Alerting in case of defect, cable break or sabotage
SNMP OID: Yes. Sensor can be queried via SNMP. MIB file included in webGUI.
Maximum cable length: 1-Wire converter can be placed up to 100 meters (328 ft.) away from the IP meter.
Voltage consumption: 60mW (typ.)
Power supply: 1-Wire converter is powered by the main monitoring unit.
Permissible operating environment: -10 ° to max. + 80 ° C at min. 5% - max. 95% RH (non-condensing)
Dimensions: 6 x 1.8 x 1.8 cm
Weight: 0.060 kg (net)
Made in: EU
Delivery: 1-wire converter sensor for type K thermocouples; suitable for Didactum monitoring systems with 1-wire module, thermocouple sensor and monitoring unit not included (have to be ordered separately).
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