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Airflow and temperature unit

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  • E_14034
  • Airflow and Temperature Sensor
Didactum CAN-Unit Air Flow & Temperature This combined CAN-Bus Sensor Unit has been... more
Product information "Airflow and temperature unit"

Didactum CAN-Unit Air Flow & Temperature

This combined CAN-Bus Sensor Unit has been developed specifically for the measurement and monitoring of these key environmental factors, temperature and air flow. These CAN-Bus Units are compatible with all IP-based monitoring appliances and power distribution units manufactured by Didactum.
Typical applications of combined CAN-Bus sensor unit Air Flow and Temperature:

  • Measurement and remote monitoring of temperature and air flow
  • Enclosure monitoring / Rack Monitoring of mission-critical network and server cabinets
  • Monitoring of production and logistic infrastructures
  • SNMP enabled monitoring of important ventilation, fans and cooling systems

Reliable monitoring of temperature and air flow

The combined CAN-Bus sensor unit is easily connected via the RJ-12 patch cable into one of the two CAN-Bus ports of the SNMP-compatible Didactum remote monitoring units. This CAN-Bus unit has 6 ports for connecting the Didactum`s combined temperature and airflow sensors. Two air flow sensors are already included with this combined CAN-Bus unit so the "thermal" monitoring of mission-critical infrastructures can begin immediately.
Easy installation

In the web interface of the SNMP-based Didactum remote monitoring devices you can easily configure the CAN-Bus sensors combined temperature and air flow threshold levels. You can also set the individual types of alerts and notifications in case of failures within your ventilation / air cooling systems or for critical temperature levels.

Each Didactum infrastructure monitoring device can send alerts by e-mail, SMS (GSM modem required) or SNMP traps to automation or network management systems. You can even define actions such as switching/controlling on-site integrated relays or other equipment. All events are recorded in the syslog which can be easily exported via FTP-server to your headquarters. You can graphically display in the web interface of your Didactum unit the temperature history and profiles. By clicking on a button you can easily export the measurement data and process it with external applications such as Microsoft Excel, RRDtool or Cacti.

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Technical specifications
Response time 10 sec
Recovery time 10 sec
Measured range of temperature 0… +40°С
Accuracy 2°С
Maximum bus length 300 m
Maximum airflow cable length 10 m in one volume
Installation There are 4 mounting holes on the bottom of the case for fastening. Fasten the unit, connect CAN inputs to the input of the previous CAN unit or of the monitoring unit. The red LED lights up. Connect thermosensors and fasten clips with cables in the appropriate place.

Match the bus terminators of the CAN units. Switch terminator TR in ON position on the monitoring unit and on the last CAN unit, TR on intermediate CAN units are in Off (1,2) position. Maximum 8 CAN units, sensors and/or devices can be on one CAN bus.
Connection To connect airflow unit to the system, log into the interface -> Preferences -> Can Config -> CAN1 or CAN2 (depends on which physical port CAN1 or CAN2 of the system the unit is connected).
Click Config button and wait. The system will poll the bus CAN and give rows with data, if successful will write: Done!. CAN modules and sensors will appear in the list. Click Apply and then click Restart.

Go to --> System Map / Floor Map, click Refresh button, or wait, new devices and new sensors will appear in the tree. Green LEDs on the CAN unit will light up when CAN unit is connected and successfully determined by the system.

Connection is not successful if after clicking Config, the poll is reset before the phrase "Updating". Check whether terminators on the bus line are set in the right position, change their position using TR switch if needed.

There are 6 inputs on the sides of the unit for connection of thermal sensors, determination of their type occurs automatically.
Supply includes Airflow unit, 3-wired shielded patch cables RJ12 (2m), screws, double sided sticker, 2 cables with airflow sensor, stickers for fixture.
Net weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions (LHW) 104×32×45,5 mm
Extension unit
RJ11 6P4C 2m CAN cable
Self-adhesive rubber foot - 4 pcs
12V adapter.
Airflow sensor - 2 pcs
Diameter 13mm - 2 pcs
Diameter 6mm - 2 pcs
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Customer evaluation for "Airflow and temperature unit"
18 Jul 2017

Great little sensor unit for protection of server cabinet.

Great little sensor unit for protection of server cabinet. Does the job so far.

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