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Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Humidity and Temperature Sensor
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  • Didactum Humidity and temperature sensor
This sensor is specifically designed for the measurement of the two important environmental... more
Product information "Humidity and Temperature Sensor"

This sensor is specifically designed for the measurement of the two important environmental parameters temperature and relative humidity (RH). This combined sensor belongs to the group of Didactum`s CAN based sensors (Control Area Network). This dual temperature and humidity sensor is compatible to all Didactum remote monitoring systems and PDU `s.

Typical applications of the combined CAN bus sensor temperature and humidity are: 

  • Measurement and monitoring of humidity and temperature in IT infrastructure (computer room, server room, data center)
  • Monitoring of cabinets and server racks (Rack Monitoring)
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring of production and logistics areas
  • Measuring the temperature and relative humidity in warehouses, depots, and archives
  • Control and regulation of temperature and humidity in remote infrastructure
  • Prevention of the formation of mold and corrosion

Easy installation of the CAN-bus sensor temperature and humidity

This  temp / humidity sensor is simply connected to one of the 2 CAN-Bus ports of your Didactum monitoring systems 500/ 500 DC/ 600. Here you get a so called IP thermometer plus a Web hygrometer. The sensors are long-term calibrated. A two meter long patch cable is included with this CAN sensor. On request, this CAN bus sensor can be extended up to 225  meters.  

If a larger number of temp / humidity sensors are required, you can connect up to 10 of these CAN sensors in series to each of the 2 CAN-bus ports of your Didactum Monitoring System 400/500/500DC/600/700. The total length of each chain can be up to 225 meters.

Thank to the integrated auto sense feature of Didactum`s remote monitoring devices, the CAN-Bus temperature and humidity sensor is automatically detected. Simultaneously the network enabled measuring of temperature and humidity is started. The measurement data is stored in the data logger of the Didactum monitoring device and can be directly displayed in web interface for graphical analysis. By mounting an optional SD card, the memory of Didactum`s SNMP-enabled data logger can be increased easily. 

With a few mouse clicks, you can check temperature and humidity in the monitored infrastructure. Find out if your ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning systems work properly. As part of the documentation of temperature and humidity monitoring, you can comfortably export the data in the form of CSV and XML files for your reports. Of course you can edit your measured sensor data with SNMP tools such as RRDtool or Cacti.

Alert in case of critical temperature or humidity

In the context of network-based measurement and control of temperature and humidity, it is advisable to be informed and alerted in time for critical values ​​or states. Sensitive technology such as server systems can react with disorders or even total failure in relation to the current temperature and/or humidity. Many administrators and IT managers have already made here their experiences with critical temperature. 

Production environments such as Pharmaceutical production and food processing can be monitored around the clock to reduce temperature-related or humidity-related downtime. 

Each Didactum remote monitoring unit can send alerts by e-mail, by SMS (internal Quad GSM modem needed) and via SNMP traps to automation software or IT management systems (HP OpenView, Nagios, Icinga, OpenNMS, PRTG etc.). Switching the integrated relays of Didactum monitoring appliances, the alert can also be transmitted to building control systems.

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Available downloads:
Measured temperature range -10… +85°С
Accuracy 1°С
Measured humidity range 0 — 80%
Accuracy %RH 2%
Maximum distance 200 meters
Customs code 9025 11 800 0
Mounting There are mounting holes on the side of the case for fastening. Fasten sensor, connect CAN inputs to the input of the previous CAN unit, sensor or of the monitoring unit. The red LED lights up.
Match the bus terminators of the CAN units. Switch terminator TR in ON position on the monitoring unit and on the last CAN unit, TR on intermediate CAN units are in Off (1,2) position. Maximum 8 CAN units, sensors and/or devices can be on one CAN bus.
Connection To connect sensor unit to the system, log into the interface -> Preferences -> Can Config -> CAN1 or CAN2 (depends on which physical port CAN1 or CAN2 of the system the unit is connected).
Click Config button and wait. The system will poll the bus CAN and give rows with data, if successful will write: Done!. CAN modules and sensors will appear in the list. Click Apply and then click Restart.
Go to --> System Map / Floor Map, click Refresh button, or wait, new devices and new sensors will appear in the tree. Green LED will light up when CAN sensor is connected and successfully determined by the system.
Connection is not successful if after clicking Config, the poll is reset before the phrase "Updating". Check whether terminators on the bus line are set in the right position, change their position using TR switch if needed.
Delivery Sensor, 3-wired shielded patch cable RJ12 (2m), 2 screws, double sided sticker.
Net weight 100 g
Dimensions (LHW) 68*47*26mm
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Customer evaluation for "Humidity and Temperature Sensor"
14 Jul 2017

Worth every dollar.

We bought these temp/humidity sensors for our server rooms. Very accurate and we are glad we did. Worth every dollar.

16 Dec 2016

Great sensor for temp and humidty monitoring

We just bought Didactum 500 remote monitor and these temp and humidity sensors. Well worth the money. Very accurate readings and ready for Nagios. - Jeff

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