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Monitoring System 100 DC

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Power Supply:

GSM Modem Module:

Rack Mount Kit:

Rack Mount Kit

Rackmount Kit
Mit diesem Rack Mount Kit können Sie Ihr SNMPv1/v2c/v3 kompatibles Monitoring System 100 in einen 19 Zoll Schalt-, Wand-, Netzwerk- oder Serverschrank installieren. Hierzu schrauben die ganz einfach das IT-Überwachungssystem 100 auf die Bodenplatte des Rack Mount Kits.

DIN Rail Mount:

Mounting angle:

1-Wire Modul:

1-Wire Modul

1 Wire Modul
Dieses 1-Wire Erweiterungsmodul wurde speziell für die neue Generation der IT Überwachungssysteme entwickelt. Die Monitoring Systeme 50, 100, 400 und 500 können mit diesem 1-Wire Modul werkseitig ausgerüstet werden. Schliessen Sie am 1-Wire Modul alternativ auch die IP fähigen 1-Wire Sensoren an. Bis zu 20 Stück 1-Wire Temperatursensoren können untereinander verbunden und in Reihe geschaltet werden. Die Gesamtlänge der 1-Wire Temperaturmesskette kann bis zu 100 Meter betragen.
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  • Monitoring System 100 DC
The Monitoring System 100 DC is an Ethernet-enabled solution for the remote monitoring of... more
Product information "Monitoring System 100 DC"

The Monitoring System 100 DC is an Ethernet-enabled solution for the remote monitoring of telecommunication and energy supply infrastructure. It also serves the holistic monitoring of existing industrial infrastructure. 

The Monitoring System 100 DC is available in two versions with different DC power supplies:

  • Monitoring System 100 with internal 24VDC power supply
  • Monitoring System 100 with internal 48VDC power supply

Simply select the desired power supply on the right-hand side. With the optionally available DIN rail adapter, this IP based remote measuring and monitoring device can also be mounted on a DIN rail.

Stand-alone operation or integration in management software

Developed as a classic monitoring device for the 24x7x365 monitoring of mission-critical infrastructure, the Monitoring System 100 DC has been consistently dispensed with fans or mobile hard disks. Users of the Monitoring System 100 DC have an internal temp sensor for real-time measurement of the internal temperature in the housing. In addition, a second sensor monitors the DC voltage. The Monitoring System 100 DC works "out of the box", i. No software must be installed on the notebook, PC or server to operate this IP-based monitoring system. With full SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 support, this monitoring system can be integrated with SNMP-compatible measurement data tools, DCIM or network monitoring software. To do this, simply load the SNMP MIB file from the multilingual web interface of the monitoring unit. The measured sensor data recorded in real time is then (remotely) transmitted via TCP / IP network to the automation or management software.

Features of Monitoring System 100 DC:

  • 100 Mbit Ethernet interface
  • DHCP, HTTPS, SNMP, SMTP, SSL, STARTTLS, TLS, FTP, Syslog, Radius support
  • SNMPv1 / v2c / v3 comaptible, MIB files and plugins included
  • Available with internal 24VDC or 48VDC power supply
  • Integrated watchdog timer with NTP support
  • Multilingual web interface with built-in logic functions
  • Notifications and alerts via e-mail, SMS * (via GSM modem) or relay switching
  • Optional GSM or LTE modem including support of SMS commands
  • SNMP traps, SNMPget, SNMPset functions
  • Built-in data logger for measurement data recording, optionally expandable via USB memory stick
  • 4 * analog sensor ports with autoidentifcation, expandable with optional sensor boxes
  • CAN port for digital CAN sensors and CAN units
  • 4 * inputs for IP connection of digital / dry contacts
  • 2 * 12V outputs for sirens or forwarding alerts to building technology
  • 1 * USB port for optional video surveillance camera or USB stick
  • Optional 1-wire module for 1-wire sensors or access control systems
  • Including 1 * IP sensor temperature, up to 100 meters deductible from main sensor unit

Extensive range of intelligent IP sensors

For the monitoring system 100 DC the manufacturer offer a wide range of IP sensors. The assortment is divided into

  1. Sensors for physical environmental monitoring
  2. Sensors for the measurement and monitoring of current and voltage
  3. Sensors for security monitoring

Depending on the requirements, the user can individually assemble a tailor-made solution for IP-based room / building monitoring. The precise sensor temperature is already included with the monitoring device, so you get an IP thermometer. By RJ11 / RJ12 patch cable, this sensor can be extended up to max. 100 meters (328 ft). As soon as the sensor equipped with an SNMP OID has been connected to the monitoring unit via Plug and Play, it will be displayed in the multilingual web interface and the data recording will be started automatically. The factory-calibrated temperature sensor can even be fine-tuned if desired.

The sensor data stored in the built-in datalogger are graphically displayed directly in the HTML5-based web interface. The measurement data required for checklists, reports and verifications are loaded directly from the IP-based measuring device at the click of a mouse. In addition, the device can send the measurement data records regularly via e-mail or FTP upload.

Note from the editors:

English-language installation instructions for Didactum's intelligent IP sensors are available at https://www.monitoring-hardware.com/.

Extension of the room surveillance

This IP based remote monitoring system is equipped with a CAN port. CAN (Controller Area Network) is a proven industrial fieldbus system. Both the SNMP-compatible multi sensors and CAN units from Didactum can be connected to the CAN port. If you need additional dry contact inputs, simply connect the CAN unit for up to 64 digital / dry contacts. If you would like to connect additional IP sensors to your remote measurement and monitoring device, simply attach the optional sensor box with 8 sensor ports for analog sensors.

Note from the editors:

The Monitoring System 100 DC takes over the power supply of all connected sensors and expansion units.

Individually adjustable limits and alarms

For each IP sensor connected to the Monitoring System 100 DC, individual limits and thresholds ​​can be defined in the web interface. In addition, each intelligent sensor can be named individually (for example, temperature sensor control cabinet). Thereafter, the notifications and alarms required in the context of room / building monitoring are stored in the integrated logics of the remote monitoring system. Critical events (smoldering fire, power failure, water damage, burglary) or state changes (voltage deviation, overtemperature, heat, dew point formation) are sent by the monitoring unit by e-mail (to up to 10 different recipients) or by SMS (via LTE or GSM modem or 3rd Party Email to SMS Gateway) to Facility Managers, or external service engineers.

At the same time, the monitoring system sends important event messages in the form of traps via LAN / WAN to higher-level, SNMP-compatible automation and building monitoring software. With the support of the automatic relay circuits, sirens are switched on and messages forwarded to the building management system. All actions and events are recorded in the integrated SYSLOG database. This SYSLOG can be sent at regular intervals by FTP upload directly to the company headquarters / control room and evaluated from there.

Additional features

The Monitoring System 100 DC interesting features such as virtual sensors, PING features as well as extensive trigger and timer functions. An integrated hysteresis function allows a significant reduction of notifications and alarms in the case of continuously changing sensor states (slightly critical / critical measured value). Another highlight is the alarm card function built into the web interface. Here, the user can upload the floor plan of the infrastructure directly into the monitoring system. Then simply insert the installed sensors into the the map. If one of the sensors signals a critical condition / measured value, this is displayed flashing on the floor plan. The responsible service technicians and facility managers can respond even faster using the alarm card functions.

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Available downloads:
Scope of delivery: Didactum Monitoring System 100 DC with internal 24V or 48V DC power supply.
19 inch Rack Mount Kit: OPTIONAL
DIN rail adapter: OPTIONAL
Mounting bracket for wall mounting: OPTIONAL
Internal GSM or LTE modem: OPTIONAL
1-wire module: OPTIONAL
Technical Data
Control: via WebGUI, SNMP command, manually via SMS (order GSM modem separately)
Access: Administrative 3-level control of sensors and dry contacts with login
Interface: HTML-5 WebGUI. Multilingual. Configuration via web browser (Internet Explorer is NOT supported).
LAN: Ethernet 100Mbit
CPU:  ARM CPU with 300 MHz, fanless
Network Protocol DHCP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, SNMP, SNMP Get, SMTP, SSL, CAN, FTP, Syslog, Radius, STARTTLS, TLS
Types of notifications and alerts: FTP, Syslog, SMTP, SNMP, SMS (order GSM modem separately), 2 relay outputs
Sensor ports: 4x RJ11 / RJ12 sensor connectors with auto-identification feature
Inputs: 4x inputs for IP connection digital / dry contacts
Outputs: 2x 12VDC 0.25A relay outputs for sirens and signal lights
LEDs: integrated LED lights for status display
Clock: integrated clock with NTP time server synchronization
USB: 1x 2.0 HS Mini USB for optional USB video camera or USB memory stick
Power supply: Internal DC power supply 24-48V DC
Power consumption: 6 watts (typ.)
Dimensions: 14 x 3.7 x 8 cm (without rack mount kit)
Permissible operating environment: -10 to + 80 ° Celsius at rel. Humidity from 5 to 80% (non-condensing)
Net weight 0.6 kg
Country of origin: Made in EU
WTN: 8471 50 000
Firmware: Free firmware microcode updates as part of Didactum`s Lifetime Support
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Customer evaluation for "Monitoring System 100 DC"
6 Jun 2019

Works good with OpenNMS

Remote control unit from Didactum works as it should. No issues or problems. Seamless integration with OpenNMS. I would highly recommend this product.

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