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Monitoring System 400

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  • Monitoring System 400 - This new monitoring device is the entry solution of the High End IT monitoring appliances from Didactum.
This monitoring device represents the latest model of Didactum`s IP-based remote measuring and... more
Product information "Monitoring System 400"

This monitoring device represents the latest model of Didactum`s IP-based remote measuring and alarm systems. This Remote Monitoring System (RMS) is an appliance, a combination of advanced hardware and software architecture. The engineering and support of the Didactum monitoring and alarm systems are located in Germany. Production takes place within the EU. This Ethernet-based surveillance solution is suitable for companies and public institutions (in almost all sectors). It is used where physical or man-made risks must be detected and reported as early as possible. Reduce unplanned downtime and production losses with this monitoring unit. The Remote Monitoring System 400 is Ethernet enabled - access this innovative monitoring system from anywhere. Also ideal for remote monitoring of branch offices and remote engineering locations.

Typical applications of Didactum remote monitoring units:

  • Monitoring of research, development and production spaces
  • Warehouse and logistics infrastructure including cold rooms & frozen storage
  • Computing room and data center infrastructure
  • Museums and archives
  • ATMs and telecom base stations
  • Monitoring of UPS and emergency power systems
  • Building automation / Facility Management
  • Solar and wind power plants (including offshore installations)
  • Food beverage industry

Features of Remote Monitoring System 400:

  • Stand-alone operation, no software installation required
  • Integrated web server incl. HTTP(S), FTP, Radius, Syslog, NTP support
  • Integrated logics for notifications, trigger and actuator functions
  • E-mail notifications, SNMP traps, SNMP polling. Ping functions
  • Optional GPRS/GSM modem for SMS alerts, Nagios GSM plugin included
  • Fully compatible with SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 (encrypted)
  • Free SNMP MIB files for NMS & Nagios plugins 
  • Onboard temperature sensor for self-monitoring
  • 8* ports for Didactum`s intelligent sensors
  • Integrated data logger with measurement data visualization in WebGUI
  • Expansion of the data memory via optional USB memory stick (64 GB max.)
  • XML and CSV measurement data export
  • Video surveillance with optional USB camera
  • 4x digital inputs for alarm contacts
  • 2x 12VDC outputs
  • Virtual sensors
  • 1x temperature sensor included (up to 100 meters extendable) and many more ….

The engineers from manufacturer Didactum know that every every warehouse, every telecom site and every server room or data center is different. Based on the modular principle, each Remote Monitoring System (RMS) can be equipped with individually selectable intelligent sensors. Get a customized remote monitoring solution for non-stop protection of your mission-critical infrastructure. The main unit has 8 ports for Didactum`s intelligent sensors. By auto-identification, every intelligent sensor connected to the Remote Monitoring System is automatically detected and immediately displayed in the multilingual web interface. Here individual limits and thresholds ​​can be defined for each sensor. Set upper and lower thresholds for temperature monitoring. Afterwards, notifications, alarms and actuator functions can be easily defined in the integrated logics of the remote monitoring device. Define, for example, that in the event of a critical overheating, the technicians will be alerted by SMS (* via GSM modem or 3rd party email to SMS gateway) and the responsible administrators by e-mail. Optionally, the loud siren with built-in flashing light can also signal the critical event.

Wide range of IP-capable sensors

The manufacturer Didactum offers a large selection of intelligent sensors for the 400 remote monitoring and alarm system. The product range is subdivided into environmental monitoring sensors, power monitoring sensors, and security monitoring sensors. Measure and control critical environmental conditions such as temperature, dew point, relative humidity (rH) or airflow with this innovative SNMP-enabled remote monitoring unit. The escape of moisture or water-containing liquids can be detected reliably with the Didactum water sensor. For leak detection in larger (IT) infrastructure, water leakage cables in lengths of up to 50 meters (or even longer) are offered. Smoldering fires or open fires can be early detected by using Didactum`s networked smoke detectors. Remember that a fire in the electrical box or control cabinet can affect your entire company.

Therefore, smoke detectors should also be installed there. Glass break, motion and magnetic door contacts intensify the security of your infrastructure. The DC and AC sensors from manufacturer Didactum support the precise measurement and monitoring of current and voltage. For example, measure and monitor the power consumption of existing network or server cabinets. By installing AC AC sensors in mission-critical production and storage facilities, a potential power outage can be early detected and reported to the technicians immediately. Already existing sensors or sensors from third-party manufacturers, such as CO2 sensors, (differential) pressure sensors, etc., can also be integrated into the IP-based remote control system with the support of optionally available transducers.

Monitor Dry Contacts via IP Network

On the back of your Didactum 400 remote monitoring unit are 4 digital inputs for the connection of door switches and dry contacts. Two 12V outputs allow the connection of alarm sirens or door locking systems. The digital / floating contacts connected to the Remote Monitoring System are configured via the multilingual web interface. Insert e.g. individual notifications, alarms and actuator functions for the connected UPS or air conditioning system. Via SNMP command, the respective switching state of the dry contact can also be interrogated and controlled remotely.

Checklists and reports

The sensor data measured in real time is stored in the data logger of the Didactum 400 monitoring device. The capacity of the data logger can even be conveniently expanded with an optional USB memory stick up to 64GB. You can check the recorded temperature data from the last few minutes, days, weeks or months directly in the web interface. Determine if the temperature specifications have been met. For checklists and reports, the sensor data can be conveniently downloaded in XML or CSV file format and edited, for example, with MS-Excel. The measured data recorded by the Remote Monitoring System 400 can be also used for audits. In the syslog event database, all occurred events are stored. The syslog can be sent at regular intervals directly to the headquarters and analyzed and evaluated from there. A built-in alarm map helps you and your colleagues quickly to locate threats. If the IP-capable smoke detector triggers an alert it will be displayed on the built-in alarm map.

Integration in network monitoring and automation software

Didactum`s 400 remote monitoring device supports the SNMP protocols v1, v2c and v3 (encrypted). SNMP MIB files for Network Monitoring Software (NMS) and plugins for Nagios are supplied free of charge, so that nothing stands in the way of a quick integration of the monitoring hardware and the intelligent IP sensors from Didactum. The sensor data collected by the IP-based monitoring unit in real time can be transmitted directly to network and building management software. The digital alarm contacts of machines and systems connected to Didactum main unit can also be monitored by the central management software.

Quick installation and scalability

Installing the Remote Monitoring System 400 is straightforward. An integrated assistant in the web frontend guides you through all important settings of this networked remote monitoring and alerting device. The built-in logic supports a user-friendly creation of notifications and alarms. The Didactum monitoring system 400 is scalable, so simply add sensor expansion boxes to increase the total number of smart sensors. Thus, other mission-critical rooms and facilities can be eadily integrated into the non-stop monitoring of the Remote Monitoring System 400. Expansion units with up to 64 inputs for potential-free / dry contacts contacts are also available.

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Available downloads:
Didactum Monitoring System 400
Delivery of this Package: Didactum Remote Monitoring System 400, external power supply, RJ45 network cable, manual, terminal plugs 
Didactum Sensor Temperature: Didactum Sensor Temperature, 4-wired patch cable RJ11 (2m), screw, double sided mounting tape.
GPRS/GSM Modem: OPTIONAL (must be ordered separately)
1-Wire Module: OPTIONAL (must be ordered separately)
19-Inch Rack Mount Kit: OPTIONAL (must be ordered separately)
CPU: ARM CPU (Fanless)
Integrated OS: Strengthend Linux based OS
ROM: 512 Mbit NAND Flash
RAM: 64 MB
Integrated Data Logger: Yes, optionally expandable with USB Flash drive (not included)
Network: 10/100 Mbit Ethernet port
Clock: built-in clock with NTP time synchronization
Timer: integrated watch dog timer functions
Onboard sensors: 1x Temp sensor, 1x DC voltage sensor for power supply
Network protocols: CAN, DHCP, HTTP(S), FTP, Radius, SNMPv1/v2c/v3, SNMPget, SMTP, SSL, STARTTLS, SYSLOG, TLS
Types of alerts and notifications: E-Mail, SMTP, SNMP, FTP, SYSLOG, SMS (via GSM modem or 3rd party gateway)
Virtual sensors: SNMPget, PING, Timer, Trigger functions
Management of monitoring device: Multilingual Web interface, remote SMS commands (optional GPRS/GSM modem needed)
SNMPv1/v2c/v3 support: Yes
SNMP MIB files included: Yes
Nagios Plugins included: Yes
GSM modem plugin for Nagios: Yes (GSM modem must be ordered seperately)
Free firmware microcode updates (internet): Yes
Warranty: 2 years waranty (bring in), optional extendable up to 5 years (extra charge)
Housing: Metal housing, black coated
Grounding: Connection for chassis grounding
Dimensions: 18,8 x 4,44 x 7,95 cm (WxHxD)
Mounting: 1U; 19 inch Rack Mount Angles NOT included (must be ordered seperately)
Status indicators: integrated LEDs for power, network, CAN Bus port, error and 12VDC relays
Inputs: 1x 10/100 Mbit Ethernet port, 8x RJ-12 sensor ports with sensor auto-identification feature,
4x dry contact inputs, 1x CAN Port for optional CAN Bus sensors and CAN Bus units
USB port: 1x USB 2.0 HS port for optional USB Flash drive or optonal USB video camera
Outputs: 2x 12VDC relay outputs (0.25A)
Power supply: 12VDC 1A external power adapter
Power consumption: 18W (typical)
Operating environment: -10°C up to +85°C (14° to 185°F) at 5% to max. 95% humidity (RH) (non-condensing)
Weight: 1.200g
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Customer evaluation for "Monitoring System 400"
29 Jan 2020

Great unit

We were searching for a reliable SNMP temp + humidity monitor and came across Didactum Monitoring System 400. We are blown away by the simplicity of use and the seamless integration of SNMP sensors in our Nagios NMS.

14 Jan 2020

Good environmental monitor for computer room and it works with Nagios XI

The monitor is a good product. I bought this monitoring unit for our computer room. It is reliable and works excellent with Nagios XI. The environmental alerts are helpful to know if there is a possible issue. I also added a smoke detector and a water leakage sensor in the computer room. Seems that Didactum makes high quality stuff.

22 Mar 2018

Fully customizable monitoring system. This unit meets our requirements.

Fully customizable monitoring system. This unit meets our requirements.

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