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Monitoring System 600

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LTE Modem
Die IP basierten Monitoring Systeme der Modellreihen 100, 400, 500, 500 DC, 600 und 700 können mit diesem internen LTE Modem ausgestattet werden. Dieses Modem bietet Multiband LTE-TDD / LTE-FDD / HSPA+ sowie GSM / GPRS / EDGE Unterstützung. Nutzen Sie mit Hilfe dieses LTE Modems den performanten LTE Mobilfunkstandard als Internetverbindung.
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  • Didactum Monitoring System 600
 The networked Monitoring System 600 provides integrated monitoring of mission-critical... more
Product information "Monitoring System 600"

 The networked Monitoring System 600 provides integrated monitoring of mission-critical rooms and facilities. Like all remote monitors from Didactum, this device also offers stand-alone operation. An installation of agents or clients is not mandatory for operation. The remote access to the multilingual web server of the remote monitoring unit takes place via the web browser of your smartphone / tablet / PC or notebook. With full SNMP v1, SNMP v2c and SNMP v3 support, this monitoring unit can be integrated into automation solutions (SCADA) and network monitoring software (Nagios /  check_MK / OpenNMS / PRTG / WhatsUp Gold / Zabbix, etc.). 

Typical applications of the Monitoring System 600 

  • Monitoring of branch and technical location
  • Remote monitoring of wind power and power supply systems
  • Remote monitoring of telecommunication systems and mobile stations
  • Holistic IT Infrastructure Monitoring of server room & data center
  • Monitoring building automation systems / HVAC systems
  • Remote monitoring of emergency power systems / UPS monitoring
  • SNMP enabled security monitoring of sensitive infrastructures
  • Process and Automation Technology (SCADA) 

 Important Features of Monitoring System 600 (exerpt): 

  • Engineered in Germany, made in EU
  • Stand Alone operation, no software installation required
  • 10/100 Ethernet LAN connection
  • SNMPv1, v2c and v3 support (including free MIB Files & Nagios plugins)
  • Multilingual web server with built-in setup wizard
  • LTE modem for SMS sending and high speed internet connection (optional)
  • 8 sensor ports for intelligent IP sensors from manufacturer Didactum
  • Support of more than 150 sensors with optional sensor boxes and digital multi-sensors
  • 32 inputs and 8 outputs for dry contacts
  • Integrated logics for more than 500 rules and actions
  • Manual, rule-based or sensor-controlled switching of integrated relays
  • Virtual sensors for switching dry contact outputs
  • Integrated hysteresis, timer and trigger functions, SNMP set, SNMP get functions
  • Alerts in the form of SNMP traps, e-mail, SMS *, Syslog
  • Built-in data logger,memory expandable via USB data stick or Micro SD card
  • Easy measurement data export (XML, CSV, RSS) and built-in sensor data visualization
  • Optional SDD or HDD for installation of applications & network management systems (from the end of Q2 2019)
  • Video surveillance by connecting optional video cameras
  • 1-wire port for RFID card readers and electronic key readers for remote access control
  • Free firmware microcode updates

IP sensors for holistic (remote) infrastructure monitoring 

This fully SNMP enabled monitoring unit offers 8 RJ11 / RJ12 sensor ports for the intelligent sensors from Didactum. In addition to sensors for the physical monitoring of important environmental factors (temperature, humidity, air flow, smoke / fire, gas, water damage, etc.), sensors for the remote measurement and monitoring of current and voltage can be connected to the main sensor unit or the sensor expansion box. Field-proven safety sensors (door contacts, motion detectors, vibration sensors, glass breakage sensors, etc.) increase the physical security of the to be monitored (IT) infrastructure. The Monitoring System 600 can be flexibly expanded with the support of sensor expansion units or multi sensors. Each sensor expansion unit offers 8 additional ports for Didactum`s intelligent sensors.

With the support of the sensor auto detection feature, every connected sensor is automatically recognized by the monitoring device and listed in the multilingual web server. For each intelligent sensor, up to 5 thresholds and thresholds can be set individually. The built-in logic lets you easily determine how to alert you and your colleagues when e.g. the temperature is critical, smoke is detected, or when your sensible infrastructure was entered without authorization. In addition to e-mail and / or SMS alerts (* LTE modem or Web to SMS Gateway required), the Monitoring System 600 can also send SNMP traps to SNMP capable automation software and network management systems (NMS) via LAN / WAN. SNMP MIB files as well as plugins for Nagios and templates for Zabbix are included (free of charge).

Datalogger for analysis and reports

The values ​​measured by the connected intelligent sensors in real time are stored in the monitoring unit's built-in datalogger. The measurement data  is the basis for important audits, reports and verifications. The measurement data can easily be downloaded from this IP-based remote monitoring device and further processed with common software (measurement data software / spreadsheet programs). The capacity of the data logger can be expanded by inserting a Micro SD card or a USB memory stick. So there is enough space for measurement data and log files. Optionally, this networked remote monitoring unit can create a daily backup including the syslog and the stored measurement data. 

The backup can be carried out both by E-Mail, as well as by FTP upload. A visualization tool integrated in the multilingual web interface allows the graphic representation of important physical measurement data. With just a few mouse clicks, you can check the performance of your HVAC systems.

Network enabled remote control and monitoring of dry contacts

This IP based monitor is equipped with 32 inputs and 8 digital / dry contact outputs. Monitor the relays and fault signal contacts of important systems via the TCP / IP network. With the support of the SNMP protocol (Simple Network Management Protocol), the switching status (NO / NC) of each floating contact can be queried remotely. If the air conditioning system reports a malfunction (such as clogged filter mats) or fails, the monitoring device alerts you in the form of SNMP traps, e-mail or SMS *. At the same time, the integrated digital / potential-free switching outputs or the built-in bistable relays can be switched. The integrated logic in the Monitoring System 600 supports a tried-and-tested mapping of required escalation, warning and emergency plans. All actions are recorded in the integrated syslog database.

Integrated logic for notifications, alerts and automatic actions

The Monitoring System 600 provides integrated logics for mapping escalation and alarm schedules. Make sure that risks and hazards, such as cable fire, power failure, over-temperature or water damage, are reliably reported. Also automatic actions like the switching of the 8 digital outputs or the two bistable relays are supported by this remote monitor.

Practical example of technical editor: 

Due to a technical defect, the important air conditioner installed in the server room fails. This is reported to the Monitoring System 600 via dry contact (two-wire cable). The remote monitoring unit then sends the fault message via SNMP trap to the Nagios Management System (NMS) in the company`s headquarters. The employees in the control room can connect to the Monitoring System 600 remotely via a web browser. The warnings and alerts are displayed in the tactical overview of the multilingual web interface.

At the same time, on-site administrators are informed by e-mail about the critical incident in the server room. The facility manager and the service technician of the external air conditioning service company are informed by the monitoring unit via SMS * of the fault of the important air conditioning system. In the meantime, the temperature sensors installed in the server room and in the 19-inch server cabinets register a critical increase of temperature. The remote monitoring unit detects a serious over-temperature in mission-critical server cabinet # 1.

The Monitoring System 600 will then send SNMP traps back to the network management software and flashing alarm sirens will ensure that on-site IT staff is informed of the critical condition of the server room. The 19 " cooling fans installed in the server cabinet are automatically switched on by the monitoring unit via automatic relay switching in order to prevent the threatening heat death of the installed server, storage and network equipment. The staff in the control room follow the current temperature development in the monitoring unit's built-in alarm card. Thanks to the connected video cameras, the control room can supervice the work of the air conditioning service company.

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Delivery of this Package: Monitoring System 600, 1 U; EU model with internal 230V AC power supply; including 1x C13 power cable & 1x RJ45 network cable, including 1x Dry Contact module 40 and 19 " rack mounting kit; sensors and LTE modem not included. Please order separately.

LTE-Modem Modul:

Didactum Monitoring System 600
Interface: Access via Web browser (Chrome / Firefox / Safari / Edge), SNMP or SMS commands * (* LTE modem required)
Watchdog Timer with NTP support: Yes.
Protocols: DHCP, HTTP(S), SNMP v1 / v2c / v3, SMTP, SSL, FTP, Syslog, TLS, STARTTLS, CAN, 1-Wire, Radius
Notifications: E-mail, SMS *, Syslog, FTP, Event Log, SNMP Trap, SNMP Get, SNMP Set, relay switching
Operating system: hardened Linux OS
CPU: Passively cooled ARM CPU with up to 1GHz clock rate, 1 GB memory
LTE modem: Yes (extra charge)
LED status lights: Status lights for power, IP network connection, CAN bus, error function and relay status
Onboard sensors: 1x onboard temperature sensor and 1x onboard voltage sensor
Network: 1* Ethernet 10/100 Mbit / s
Ground connection: Yes.
19  rack mounting kit: Included
Sensor connections: 8x RJ11 / RJ12 autosensing ports for Didactum analog IP sensors
CAN Bus port: 1* CAN port for sensor expansion boxes and digital  multi sensors
1-Wire: 1* 1-wire port for RFID card reader, electronic key reader or SNMP enabled 1-wire sensors
SD card reader: Yes. SD card not included.
Video Surveillance: Up to 2* USB video cameras supported (extra charge)
SATA port: 1* onboard SATA port, HDD or SSD not included (extra charge)
USB ports: 1* USB 2.0 type A port, 1* HS USB 2.0 port
Relay outputs: 2* 12VDC 0.25A; 2* bi-stable latching relays
Dry Contacts: 32 inputs and 8 outputs for digital / floating contacts
Overall height: 1U
Permissible operating environment: -10 ° C to + 85 ° C  at 5% to 95% RH (non-condensing)
Power supply: 90-240V, IEC C14, 10A fuse (internal power supply), 1* C13 power cable included
Weight: 1.000 g (net)
Made in: E.U.
HS Code: 847150000
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14 Jul 2017

Working perfectly. Fast DHL shipment, very pleased!

I am happy with this environment monitor. SNMP MIB included. Working perfectly. Fast DHL shipment, very pleased!

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