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Monitoring System 600

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  • E_14001
  • Didactum Monitoring System 600
SNMP-enabled monitoring of your mission critical infrastructures The Didactum Monitoring... more
Product information "Monitoring System 600"

SNMP-enabled monitoring of your mission critical infrastructures

The Didactum Monitoring System 600 is currently the top model of Didactum`s remote security systems. This SNMP v1/v2c/v3 enabled monitoring appliance has been specifically designed for the 24x7 monitoring of mission-critical infrastructures such as telecommunications sites and data centers. All of your mission-critical production and logistics infrastructures should be equipped with this TCP/IP based remote security system to prevent catastrophic outages and costly downtime.

The reasons and justifications for the introduction of a network-based measurement and alarm system are obvious: It only takes the failure of one small inexpensive simple part of your air conditioning or ventilation system that will lead to cost-intensive downtime. This downtime generates enormous productivity losses.

Particularly sensitive server and storage systems can easily fail and cease all services if temperatures beyond the specifications of their operating environment are reached. Water leakage or fires can also affect the availability of your critical server and the applications running on them. Economic loss and legal consequences may occur if your important IT infrastructure is down. Your valuable customers will surely out your competitors which would cause a major loss of revenue and most importantly your reputation. The hard-earned Image of your company can be easily damaged by the failure of your mission-critical infrastructure.

The Didactum Monitoring System 600 has many uses:

  • Monitoring of IT infrastructure (eg data center)
  • Monitoring of technical rooms in branch offices
  • Monitoring of power supply systems
  • Monitoring of telecommunication infrastructure
  • 24/7 Monitoring of air conditioning / HVAC systems
  • Monitoring of UPS and standby power systems
  • Monitoring of server cabinets / rack monitoring
  • Monitoring of production areas
  • Temperature monitoring of cold rooms / cold storage
  • Monitoring of building systems
  • Monitoring of warehouse, depot and archive and many more ......

Features of Didactum Monitoring System 600:

  • Made in E.U.
  • 1U, 19" rack mount kit for cabinet assembly included
  • Stand-alone operation, no software required
  • DHCP-, HTTP(S), SNMP-, SMTP-, SSL-, CAN-, FTP-, Syslog
  • SNMP v1/v2c/v3 compatible for integration in SNMP Tools and Network Management Systems (eg Nagios)
  • 10/100 Mbit Ethernet Port, 64 MB RAM, 128 MB ROM,
  • SD-Slot for optional SD Card
  • 8x Autoidentification Ports for analog Didactum Sensors
  • 2x CAN-Bus Ports for CAN-Sensors&-Units(Control Area Network)
  • 4 integrated relays (manual / sensor controlled switching)
  • 2x USB ports for optional video surveillance
  • 16 Dry Contact Ports (optional feature)
  • Future-ready with optional CAN expansion units
  • Extensive portfolio of Didactum sensors
  • Status indicators on the front panel (LED)
  • multilingual Web GUI with integrated logic
  • Alarms such as SNMP, e-mail, SMS * (* GSM modem required)
  • SMS command functions, including acknowledgement*
  • Separate logins for user and Admin, LDAP Support
  • SNMP-Traps to Network Management Software
  • MIB Files included
  • integrated graphing functions
  • XML- & CSV- files for export of measured sensor data
  • Integrated mapping function
  • Integrated time and date filters
  • Free firmware updates (web) and many more.....

Early detection of critical events

Didactum`s TCP/IP based Monitoring System 600 works stand-alone. No installation of  any other software is required for this remote measuring and security appliance. Depending on your individual requirements, you can equip your Didactum Monitoring System with different sensors. With  the units modular design you can easily configure your individual Didactum remote monitoring solutions that fits your specific requirements.

Monitor your important physical environmental factors such as temperature, humidity or air low in your business-critical area. Didactum`s water leakage sensors can even detect small traces of moisture or water. Large areas can be equipped with Didactum`s water leak cable sensors. Smoke sensors detect smoke and fire. Voltage can be measured and controlled by installation of AC or DC current sensors.

The physical security of your IT infrastructure can intensified by installing Didactum`s motion detectors, vibration detect and security sensors. Your dry contacts from your existing building systems fire alarms, UPS or HVAC systems can be integrated easily into your Didactum`s IP based monitoring appliances (Dry Contact Board required). If your air conditioning system, cooling or UPS system signals an alert by switching a dry contact you will be notified by the Didactum Monitoring System.

Data logging and integrated graphic functions

The data of connected sensors are stored in the data logger of the IP-based Didactum monitoring device. The measured sensor values can be displayed graphically in the units multilingual web interface. With a simple mouse click, you can export of the sensor data in a XML or a CSV file. Didactum`s remote monitoring appliance is fully SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3 compatible so the sensor data can be integrated in SNMP tools including MRTG, Cacti orand in other popular Network Management Systems such as Nagios, OpenNMS and many more. You can view your current server room temperature or humidity directly in your NMS.

Future expansion of your infrastructure monitoring

Didactum the monitoring system 600 uses CAN-Bus (Control Area Network). Using the 2 built in CAN-bus ports you can connect CAN-Bus expansion units or CAN- Bus sensors. The CAN-Bus sensors and CAN-Bus expansion units are connected in series by the use of a patch cable. Each Can-Bus expansion unit can be extended up to 300  meters.

Please note:

Should you take advantage of our installation service, which you have chosen modules are installed in the device by Didactum technician. A configuration is NOT performed. The interior of the individual modules and their functions must be performed by you.

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Delivery of this Package: Didactum 600 with power cable 240V, C13/C14 power cable, RJ45 cord, manual, warranty, 4 self-adhesive rubber legs, 19" mounting angles.
Didactum Sensor Temperature: Didactum Sensor Temperature, 4-wired patch cable RJ11 (2m), 4.8×16mm screw, double sided sticker.

GSM-Modem Modul:

Dry Contact Modul: NO
Installation of the modules: NO
Didactum Monitoring System 600
IP monitoring Web, SNMP, manual: SMS (GSM modem art. SC920 is ordered separately!)
Devices control Administrative 3-level control of sensors and relays using login
Interface Access via Internet browser except Internet Explorer
LAN Ethernet 10/100Mbit
Network protocols DHCP, HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP, SMTP, SSL, FTP, Syslog, CAN.
OS Linux 2.6.38
RAM 64Mb
Software Built-in software for events processing.
Alert type FTP, syslog, SMTP or SNMP, SMS (GSM modem is ordered separately)
Pings Built-in function for ping
LEDs 4 green: ACT, CN1, CN2, ERR;
Clock Built-in clock with time synchronization
Watchdog Built-in watchdog timer
Power input 220-240V . Fuse protection 10A.
Power output 4* C13 220-240V
Power consumption 6W-18W
Max. load 2kW
Power reservation 12V, built-in voltage monitor, power reservation battery 9-12V connection possible.
Ethernet 100Mbit
USB port USB 2.0
Mini USB AB USB 2.0 HS
Analog ports 8*6P4C for connection of any analog sensors. Maximum distance to the analog sensor - from 50 to 150 meters, depends on the sensor type.

2 x 6P6C for connection of up to 16 CAN sensors or 8 CAN extension units. Fuse protection on each line. Maximum CAN line length is 300 meters.

Relay outputs 4 relays 220-240V*10A
SD card SD
Installation 19"
Dimensions (LxHxW) 440*44*75mm
Net weight 2 kg
Didactum Sensor Temperature
Technical specifications
Operating temperature -40… +100°С
Accuracy 1°С
Maximum distance 100 meters
Customs code 9025 11 800 0
Installation On the bottom there is a ledge with Ø4.5mm and height 1mm and a mounting hole in 50mm from it for fastening the sensor using 4.8×16 mm screw.
Connection Temperature sensor contains RJ-12 jack and is connected to an analog input of a system unit. Determination of type of sensor and connection occur automatically.
Supply includes Sensor, 4-wired patch cable RJ11 (2m), 4.8×16mm screw, double sided sticker.
Net weight 60g
Dimensions (LHW) 60×18×18mm
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Customer evaluation for "Monitoring System 600"
14 Jul 2017

Working perfectly. Fast DHL shipment, very pleased!

I am happy with this environment monitor. SNMP MIB included. Working perfectly. Fast DHL shipment, very pleased!

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