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Power Distribution Unit 700

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Content: 1 Piece

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Didactum Sensor Temperature:

GSM Modem Module:

  • E_14130
Managed PDU with 4 switchable outlets including remote environmental monitoring functions... more
Product information "Power Distribution Unit 700"

Managed PDU with 4 switchable outlets including remote environmental monitoring functions

This SNMPv1-, SNMPv2c- and SNMPv3- compatible PDU (power distribution unit) is used for remote on/off switching of server and network equipment in racks and server cabinets. The PDU 700 has in total 4 switched outlets, which can be controlled individually or as a group. In it`s multilingual webGUI you can manage this PDU manually or with predefined logics. Individual or all outlets can be also switched with the optional available internal GPRS- / GSM- modem. In case of network problems, you can easily can send remote power on/off commands via SMS.

Typical applications of managed PDU 700:

  • Remote on/off switching of all or individual outlets in rack or server cabinet
  • Reboot frozen computer or server
  • SNMP-based remote power switching
  • Environmental rack monitoring
  • Load managment of IT racks 

Switchable PDU including environmental rack monitoring

In addition to it`s 4 switchable outlets, the PDU 700 can be used for environmental rack monitoring. Here, you can attach the SNMP-enabled temperature sensor to monitor the temperature in server room or server rack. The manufacturer Didactum offers a wide range of intelligent sensors such as humidity sensors, water leakage sensor, AC/DC voltage sensors, access sensors, smoke detectors, gas detectors and many more. The total amount of sensors can be increased by attaching an optional sensor expansion unit to the CAN bus port. All sensor data is stored in internal data logger. The PDU 700 has built-in graphic functions. The collected sensor data can be easily exported as CSV- or XML- file and opened with Microsoft Excel. An RSS Feed of live sensor data is also supported by PDU 700. 

Receive notifications of critical events:

  • E-mail notifications to up to 8 different recipients
  • Send short videos from optional USB camera
  • SMS alerts via 3rd party Email to SMS gateway or via GPRS- / GSM- modem (must be ordered separately)
  • SNMP traps to SCADA or Network Management Systems (including Nagios, HP OpenView, WhatsUp Gold, Zabbix, etc.)
  • SNMP trap receiver functions
  • Actuator functions (automatic switching of outlets or 12VDC outputs)

Networked remote HVAC monitoring

PDU 700 offers two dry contact inputs. Here you can attach exisiting HVAC systems or your UPS. When dry contact is switched, the PDU 700 will send notifications via Email, SMS, SNMP trap, syslog and many more. Two 12VDC outputs enable the automatic switching of connected alarm beacons or the forwarding of important notifications to building control systems. The built-in logics allows the user to easily create automatic actions and rules.In addition, time filter and trigger functions are offered by this intelligent PDU.

CAN port for CAN sensors or CAN units

The SNMP enabled PDU 700 supports digital CAN sensors and CAN expansion units. By using the CAN sensor expansion unit, you can increase the total amount of environmental sensors. Up to 8 combined CAN sensors or CAN expansion units can be connected in series to one PDU 700. The CAN bus supports max length of 305 meters / 1000 ft. The PDU 700 supports up to 36 sensor elements. 

NMS Integration of the switchable PDU

The PDU 700 supports SNMP v.1, v.2c, v.3. Nagios plugins and SNMP MIB files for SNMP-compatible DCIM solutions and Network Management Systems (Nagios, OpenNMS, HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, WhatsUp Gold, Zabbix, etc.) are included.

Didactum temperature sensor - Temperature monitoring of sensitive infrastructures - INCLUDED

Measure and monitor this important environmental factor in your temperature sensitive infrastructure. Make sure that a sudden temperature does not affect your mission critical infrastructure. A permanent temperature recording is important in the context of compliance. It is also suitable for audits.

Typical applications of the Didactum temperature sensor:

  • Temperature monitoring of mission-crtitical infrastructure
  • Long-term measurement of the temperature in warehouses, depots and archives
  • Temperature monitoring of enclosures and server cabinets

Easy installation

The temperature sensor is easily connected via RJ11 patchcable to the Didactum monitoring system and automatically displayed on it`s WEB GUI. As part of the temperature monitoring, you can easily query this sensor via Network or Internet.

The temp sensor can be located up to 100 meters from the Didactum monitoring devices by using your own RJ-11 cable. Each sensor can be configured in the web interface of the Didactum monitoring system individually. Specify the individual limit and warning values of each sensor! Get reliably informed by e-mail or SNMP traps.

GSM Modem Modul - OPTIONAL

Equip your network-enabled Didactum Monitoring System with this internal GSM modem.

Receive in the event of a network failure important status messages or alarms directly on your mobile phone / smartphone. The monitoring unit also supports remote SMS commands. Thanks to integrated macro functions of SNMP-enabled  monitoring device, the content of the SMS alert can be individually customized.

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Available downloads:
Delivery of this Package: Didactum PDU, C19 power cable, RJ45 cord, manual, warranty, 4 self-adhesive rubber legs, 19" mounting angles.
Didactum Sensor Temperature Sensor, 4-wired patch cable RJ11 (2m), 4.8×16mm screw, double sided sticker. INCLUDED

GSM-Modem Modul:

Didactum Power Distribution PDU 700
Housing: black coated metal
Installation: 1U, 19"
Onboard Temperature Sensor: Yes
Onboard DC Voltage Sensor: Yes
Internal GSM modem: NO (chargeable)
Control: via web, SNMP, SNMPget, SNMPset, manually via SMS remote commands (GSM modem required)
Administration: 3-level administrative management with separate logins
Interface: Access via web browser (HTML5 webGUI)
Multilanguage WebGUI: Yes (EN/ES/FR/GER/IT/KOR/PL/RU/SK/TR)
LAN: 1* Ethernet 10 / 100Mbit
Network protocols: CAN, DHCP, HTTP, HTTPS, SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, SNMPv3, SNMPget, SNMPset, SMTP, SSL, STARTTLS, TLS, FTP, Syslog, Radius
OS: Linux based OS
SNMP support: SNMP v.1, v.2c, v.3. (encrypted). SNMP MIB files included.
RAM: 64Mb
Integrated logics: Installed
Types of notifications and alerts: FTP, Syslog, SMTP, SNMP traps, SNMPget, SMS (via GSM modem or Email to SMS gateway)
Ping functions, virtual sensors: Built-in
LEDs: 4* Green, 1* ACT, 1* CAN, 1* ERR; 1* GSM (optional)
Clock: Built-in NTP time server with time synchronization
Watchdog: built-in with timer functions
Input voltage: 1* 110-240V AC, 50-60 Hz
Fuses: 1* 10A fuse
Inputs: 1* C14
Outputs: 4* C13 (110 – 240V)
Power consumption: 5W-18W (typical)
USB Port: 1* USB 2.0 HS for optional USB cam or USB memory stick
Outputs: 2 * 12VDC 0.25A relay outputs
Sensor ports: 2* RJ12 ports with auto identification for Didactum`s analog sensors. Maximum distance between PDU and sensor up to 150 meters, depending on the sensor type.
CAN BUS: 1* CAN port for the connection of digital CAN sensors and/or CAN units. Maximum CAN cable length 305 meters (1000 ft).
Operating environment: Min. -10°C to max. +85°C @ min. 5%, to max. 85% humidity (RH) (Non-Condensing)
Dimensions (LxHxW): 440 x 44 x 85 mm
Net weight 1.6 kg
MIB Files: SNMP MIB included
Nagios Plugin: Yes
Nagios Plugin for GSM Modem: Yes
Firmware: Free microcode firmware updates (internet)
Guarantee: 2 years
Origin: Made in EU
Didactum Sensor Temperature
Technical specifications
Operating temperature -40… +100°С
Accuracy 1°С
Maximum distance 100 meters
Customs code 9025 11 800 0
Installation On the bottom there is a ledge with Ø4.5mm and height 1mm and a mounting hole in 50mm from it for fastening the sensor using 4.8×16 mm screw.
Connection Temperature sensor contains RJ-12 jack and is connected to an analog input of a system unit. Determination of type of sensor and connection occur automatically.
Supply includes Sensor, 4-wired patch cable RJ11 (2m), 4.8×16mm screw, double sided sticker.
Net weight 60g
Dimensions (LHW) 60×18×18mm
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