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For us to buy safe. Why, you ask? All orders will be with us on an SSL certificate.
How does SSL
Certain data should be surfing the Internet (such as credit card information for online shopping) encrypted. Your browser offers you the encryption method SSL, a secure network connection between server and browser. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer (German "secure socket layer") and was developed by the company Netscape and RSA Data Security. The SSL protocol ensures that the data transmission not read or can be manipulated and the identity of an Internet site. In addition to the Netscape Navigator supported but also the Internet Explorer from Microsoft and other browser SSL.

The SSL protocol is initiated that the well-known http an s (= secure, safe GV) in the URL of the link is appended. Then the Internet address for example: https: / / www.kundenserver.de. With each call a https page, your browser is examining whether the provider of the Internet site a valid SSL certificate. Did he not, then your browser warns you with a message: "This Web site can not be verified as safe. Do you really want to go?"

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Technically SSL works as follows:

At the "https" Your browser recognises that he mentioned server, a certificate request. For the server the browser has returned a certificate, it must be certified by the certification body. Then notify the server of this certificate directly to the browser. The browser receives from the directory service of the certification authority information, whether the certificate is valid. Based on these data, the browser can now check whether he really is connected to the server, in the URL. If so, your browser indicates a secure connection. For Internet Explorer and Firefox, this is done by a closed padlock. The Netscape Navigator / Communicator shows a secure page by the key intact.

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Then the two agree on a balanced computer keys. This understanding is happening in the safe asymmetric encryption. To really on the safe side, your browser sends the server before the start of the actual data exchange some test messages. This can only answer the server when it is actually the server, which he pretends to be.

Looking even further the three objectives of encryption: does the SSL protocol so that a secure connection:

  1. Your data is confidential, because the content of your messages only encrypted over the network.
  2. The authenticity of the server.
  3. Your data is protected from tampering, as effective algorithms examine whether the data is complete and unaltered their respective recipients.

Meanwhile, SSL as a standard for encryption established browser. Meanwhile, but also Transport Layer Security (TLS). TLS is in place by SSL 3.0 standardized and expanded the range of use encryption methods to the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). TLS is based on the more complex encryption methods Triple DES (Data Encryption Standard - Datenverschlüsselungs standard) or other algorithms. It supports the encryption of e-mails and the proof of identity for commercial online transactions.