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4G LTE antenna

LTE antenna 3dBi
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  • 4G LTE antenna
The multifunctional remote measuring and monitoring devices of the 100 (DC) / 500 II (DC) / 600...meer
Productinformatie "4G LTE antenna"

The multifunctional remote measuring and monitoring devices of the 100 (DC) / 500 II (DC) / 600 and 700 series can be equipped with an internal 4G LTE modem. The 4G LTE technology offers a high-performance access to the Internet, especially in rural areas, where often no fiber optic or (V) DSL connections are supported. In rooms and facilities where 4G LTE internet data speed is not (always) sufficient, we recommend installing this additional 4G LTE antenna.

This 4G antenna is connected to the second antenna port the internal LTE modem and can provide a significant gain of the existent 4G LTE signal. The installation of this additional 4G LTE antenna is straightforward because it is simply screwed to the second SMA connector of the internal LTE modem. The angle joint supports turning and tilting of this LTE antenna.

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Suitable for: internal 4G LTE modem of IP based Didactum remote monitoring units (not included)
Installation location: interior
Features: LTE angle antenna with rotating joint, tiltable
Connection: SMA Male
Frequency range: LTE (4G)
Impedance: 50 ohms
VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio):  3.0
Gain: 0 up to max. 3dBi
Antenna radiation: omnidirectional
Antenna polarization: linear
Housing material: plastic
Permissible operating environment: - 10 ° C to  max. + 85 ° C @ min. 5% - max. 95% humidity (Non-Condensing)
Delivery: 4G LTE antenna suitable for Didactum LTE modem. Including SMA adapter. LTE modem not included. Please order separately.
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